Tobacco E-liquid

Using e-cigarettes with a tint of tobacco provides a great deal of ecstasy, not just for vape users who were formally addicted smokers to help break out their smoking addiction. People who have never held cigarette sticks use tobacco-flavored e-liquids too. The feeling of puffing out vapors with as much as a tint of tobacco is out of this world. Vaporizers with tobacco flavors have become quite popular lately.

Due to its popularity, one needs to be careful out there in purchasing e-liquids. In markets now, getting adulterated tobacco e-liquid is common, and the results of these altered formulas can be disastrous. Anyone can fall prey without the right guidance. You should consider these questions next time before you purchase a tobacco e-liquid.

What flavors are available?

Looking out for available flavors of tobacco e-liquid is necessary, so you get to pick out the best you can go along with. Some e-liquids come singly in tobacco flavors. Others come mixed with different artificial flavors, and fruit and nuts flavorings are used as well. A good number may come in the form of strong mint flavorings. Choosing from these varieties depends on you.

What fraction of nicotine does the tobacco e-liquid contain?

Knowing the fraction of nicotine contained in the e-liquid you want to purchase is crucial. Usually, nicotine is added to help addicted cigarette smokers curb their cravings. Tobacco e-liquids with a high quantity of nicotine are quite addictive and can make vape users prone to health risks.

What is the combination fraction of PG and VG?

To get the flawless smoke out of a tobacco e-liquid, VG and PG need to be combined in an excellent ratio. This ratio has PG, which is responsible for the flavor in a higher proportion than VG, which is responsible for the vapor. You wouldn’t want to be smokey and cloudy as you inhale and exhale. Always go for liquids with a higher PG fraction for an awesome vape feel.

What color is the tobacco e-liquid?

Light-colored e-liquids are preferred to darker ones as darker colored tobacco liquids tarry longer in the vaporizer, therefore, ruining your atomizer head. Choosing a tobacco liquid with a lighter color is way better, as these dark-colored liquids soil vaporizers quickly. If you must use dark-colored liquids, frequently cleaning the e-cigarette is necessary to avoid damaging your atomizer head in a short period.

What brands should I look out for?

You should go for brands that produce tobacco liquids with varieties of flavors combined in the right fraction of PG/VG and minimal nicotine strengths. Some brands use nicotine salt, an excellent substitute for nicotine, and the right amount of pure tobacco to give a rich feel of the real deal. These brands include Simple Essentials, Solt, Miami Drippers, and a host of others. Generally, brands that put all important factors into consideration in making tobacco e-liquids should be considered.

Shaking your vaporizer before vaping tobacco e-liquids is also essential. Remember, feeling the tobacco flavor while vaping is your priority in this case.

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