Nicotine Strength

One very important thing to consider when deciding which e-liquid to buy is the concentration of nicotine it contains, i.e. the nicotine strength. However, deciding which nicotine strength to buy for your e-liquid is difficult especially if you are seriously trying to balance enjoyment with your nicotine cravings.
Most of the time, vapers resort to trial and error to decide the nicotine strength that suits them best. By doing proper research, you’ll be able to make a better choice.

You should choose the right nicotine level is necessary for enjoying an amazing vaping experience. If you choose an e-liquid with a small nicotine concentration, you might not be able to satisfy your cravings. Choosing those with a high concentration could be detrimental as it may be too intense for you. In this article, you’ll be exposed to everything you need to know about e-liquid nicotine strengths.

Nicotine Strengths for E-liquids

Various flavours of e-liquids on the market are sold in a range of nicotine strengths. These flavours vary from nicotine free and low concentrations to those that are super high. When it comes to strength, each e-liquid manufacturer have different standards. You should also know that reading the “high” and “low” inscriptions on a bottle won’t tell you much information. To properly deduce nicotine strength, you’ll need to check the amount of milligram an e-liquid complains.

Typically, e-liquids are available in concentrations that increment in 3mg or 6mg. Thus, 0mg is free of any nicotine, 6mg is low, 24mg is high while 12mg and 18mg are the in-betweens. Those that range from 30-36mg are very high. In most cases, you find that e-liquid manufacturers go even high offering those with very high nicotine contents to their customers.

More so, nicotine strength is usually measured in milligrams per millimeter. So, in a 100ml bottle of e-liquid, 12mg nicotine strength simply means that the bottle is about 1.2% of nicotine based on volume while in a 10mg bottle of e-liquid with strength of up to 24mg, in total, there would be 240mg of nicotine.

Also keep in mind that nicotine strength also applies to all the liquid contained in a bottle. If you vape 1/10th of the above 10ml bottle in a single sitting, you won’t get 24mg of nicotine. Only about 40 to 60% is usually absorbed into our blood stream.

How to Choose the Right Nicotine Level

To choose the right nicotine level for you, you should first ask yourself two questions:

  • What type of device do i use?
  • What is my current tobacco use? (how much do you smoke)

You must understand that equating tobacco nicotine levels to e-liquid nicotine levels is not the same case as looking at the amounts of cigarettes you smoke on a daily basis. It is based on the kind of cigarettes you smoke. Cigarette doesn’t contain an exact level of nicotine and there are also no nicotine levels listed in the packaging. This is so because some cigarettes contain more nicotine content than others.

  • Unfiltered cigarettes contain the most nicotine so persons that smoke it should opt for an e-liquid with about 24mg of nicotine
  • Regular cigarettes are filtered thus people who smoke this should opt for an e-liquid nicotine strength that is mid-level. Say 16mg.
  • Smokers of ultralight cigarettes should go for e-liquid around 6 mg-12 mg nicotine content.
  • For people who use e-cigarettes and traditional vapes, it is easier to choose your nicotine strength because it is easier to match it to your tobacco usage.
  • Powerful devices that like box mods and vaporizer pens with vape tanks will require an e-liquid that are of lower strength so as to match the tobacco usage
  • For non-smokers that just started vaping, there are nicotine free e-liquids available. These perform, taste, smell and even function in a nearly identical capacity as their nicotine-containing counterparts.

Final Thoughts

Summarily, to choose the nicotine level suitable to you, follow the above instructions and be on your way to having an amazing vaping experience.

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