MTL VS DTL vaping-What’s the difference?

“MTL” and “DTL” are the most frequently asked terms in the vaping community from novice vapers. Nevertheless, this is a rather good and important questions for novice vapers to have a better and deeper understanding toward vaping, especially when it comes to make a decision on purchasing an MTL vape or a DTL vape. On this basis, you can effectively narrow down your options by understanding the two main vaping styles - and by knowing which one you preferred. Let’s cut the crap and take a brief look on the differences between MTL vaping and DTL vaping, it is not only good for you to expand your horizon on the world of vaping but also offers you a useful way to choose a suitable vape device for yourself.

What is MTL & DTL?

Terms of MTL & DTL refer to the inhaling methods of common vaping styles, MTL means mouth to lung, and DTL means direct to lung accordingly, there is also RDTL vaping style which is between the above 2 methods, restricted direct to lung(RDTL), it is a bit tighter than DTL inhaling.

Different methods result in different experiences. Specifically speaking, MTL & DTL inhaling methods determine the following aspects of your vaping gadgets: type of your vaping hardware, airflow adjustment, coil type, output of the power, and e-liquid type.

MTL - Mouth to Lung Vaping

MTL vaping is an inhaling method, you draw the vapour from the vape, keep the vapour in your mouth for a while, then inhale to your lungs, that’s called “mouth to lung” vaping style. And this vaping style is used among most vapers, especially those ex-smokers who just made a switch to vaping, because smoking also utilizes the same inhaling method - MTL. Therefore for the ex-smokers and novice vapers, an MTL vape is highly recommended because it not only mimics the relative tight MTL(mouth to lung) inhale of smoking, but also brings a smoother throat hit than smoking does. Generally speaking, we tend to take short and sharp draws into the mouth, then inhale to the lungs when we use MTL vapes.

What do we need to know about an MTL vaping?

As I mentioned above, MTL & DTL inhaling methods determine the following aspects of your vaping gadgets: type of your vaping hardware, airflow adjustment, coil type, output of the power, and e-liquid type. The best part of MTL vaping device is that it won’t cost you too much, MTL vapes are much cheaper than DTL devices, and MTL vapes are more than this. Nowadays the most common MTL vape is the disposable vape that you can find on almost every online and offline vape shop, and it is cheap for a short run. More MTL vapes are known as pre-filled/refillable pod vape kits which means those pod vapes are pre-filled/refillable with vape juice. Well, if you are considering purchasing an MTL vape, the most economical way for a long run is to choose a solid pod vape kit and pick a preferred e-liquid(vape juice for MTL vaping often appears in 50VG/PG and 40VG/60PG), this ensures you have an enjoyable MTL vaping experience without bankrupt. To be clearer about the features of MTL vaping, let’s see the next part.

Common features of MTL vaping

  • Smaller battery and simpler OS mean MTL vape can be compact to carry and easy to use.
  • Best choice for transitioning smokers and novice vapers.
  • More discreet vapour and flavour production due to higher resistance coil.
  • Use with balanced e-liquids, 50VG/50PGor 40VG/60PG.
  • More economical, it is cheaper then common tobacco and DTL vapes.
  • MTL vapes use less e-liquid due to the lower output(lower than 20W)
  • Tighter draw, closer sensation like drawing a cigarette.
  • Optional throat hit, you can adjust the strength of throat hit by using higher nicotine e-liquid or higher PG e-liquid.
  • It delivers more nicotine(max 20mg nicotine strength in the UK vape market) than DTL vape does.

Common MTL vapes(disposable vape and refillable pod vape)

GeekVape Aegis One Pod Kit

DTL - Direct to Lung Vaping

DTL is another vaping inhaling method that you draw the vapour from the device and directly inhale to your lungs, the vapour will pass through your mouth, not stay. It is worth mentioning that DTL vapes are mostly used by experienced vapers because DTL vaping requires more preparation, maintenance, and even the knowledge of Ohm Laws. On the other hand, a DTL vape device often comes in a larger size and hulking body, it produces much more clouds and layered flavours than MTL vape does, so DTL vape kits have larger battery capacity(built-in battery or external battery), more powerful output, more practical functions, and more expensive. For a DTL vape, it generally support a 5W-220W output, used with sub-ohm tanks, filled with high VG e-liquids(70VG/30PG, 80VG/20PG or even higher) for a fluffy cloud production. Besides, the airflow control and temperature control features can help you further DIY your own DTL vaping experience.

Common features of DTL vaping

  • Hulking body and a little bit complex operations make it not suitable for novice vapers but for advanced vapers.
  • Not feel like drawing a cigarette.
  • Much morecloud production.
  • Much higher output than MTL vapes(5W-220W).
  • Consume more e-liquids compared to MTL vapes.
  • Use with high VG e-liquid,70VG/30PG or 80VG/20PG.
  • More vape accessories required, such as sub-ohm coils, external 18650 batteries, and tank build tools.
  • Airflow control, you can increase/decrease throat hit.
  • Intense throat hit: Higher output and high VG e-liquidcreate bigger clouds and a warmer vape for a satisfying throat hit.
  • Lower nicotine strength: High nicotine strength is not recommendedfor a DTL vape because you consume much more nicotine via DTL inhaling method, and digesting excessive nicotine can lead to nicotine poisoning symptoms. Higher than 12 mg nicotine for a DTL vaping is not recommended.

Common DTL mod vape kit and pod mod kit

Geekvape Aegis B100 Boost Pro Max 100W Pod Mod Kit

Final Thoughts

To understand all of the jargon in the vape world by learning the difference between MTL & DTL is far from enough. However, learning the difference between MTL & DTL can actually help you find a suitable type of vape or inhaling method for yourself. Once again I emphasize that if you are new to vaping and want to give it a shot or a smoker who wants to make a switch, an MTL vape is suitable for you, and you can choose either a disposable vape or a refillable pod vape kit. It is not only cheap that saves your money but also easy to use. Well, if you tried vape before and like producing a fluffy cloud from the vape device, a solid DTL mod vape kit is for you. Of course you can have the two vape styles all in merely one vape - an AIO(all in one) pod mod kit which supports both MTL vaping and DTL vaping.

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