The Fruity Vaping Flavours will be Driven out of the Market, Trump Spoke on New Year's Eve

With imminent vape epidemic, the use of fruity vape flavours in the US raised public concerns. It seems like there is no moving forward for the presidency and the country at large unless a conclusive decision is reached. For months now, there’s been a push for an embargo on fruity vaping flavours, which has created a debate between the proponents of the embargo and the people who will be affected by the ban. All things considered, the decision to take fruity vaping flavours off the market is not an easy one, which is why the president has been wavering on the matter for months.

However, with the President’s recent statement concerning the use of fruity vaping flavours, it would seem like he’s willing to displease the vape store owners to maintain optimal health amongst youths. Albeit this deduction is only an interpretation of Trump’s statement while addressing the good people of America about the FG’s new strategy to handle the rising epidemic. It shows, however, that the federal government is more concerned about its citizens' wellbeing than a group of disgruntled vape sellers.

Trump’s Statement: Ban the Fruity Vaping Flavours

In recent times, there has been a lot of wavering discussions about the imminent ban of fruity vaping flavours. One such discussion happened in September when Trump and Alex Azar, the Health and Human Services Secretary, hinted a complete ban on fruity vaping flavours. Although that statement was later watered down by the president, it didn’t stop him from working on an angle that would benefit the general public without overly hurting the vape businesspersons.

Now, with a promise to deliver a new strategy that would curb the rising epidemic of e-cigarettes, the president hints the ban of fruity vaping flavours. This deduction was made from Trump’ statement, where he said:
“We are going to protect our families, we are going to protect our children, and we are going to protect the industry”.


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The Ban on the Fruity Vaping Flavours

From the president’s statement, it is obvious that certain fruity vaping flavours will be taken off the market in the coming weeks. As many health and family groups have so vehemently said in their numerous discussions on the issue, there is no protecting our families and children without the complete ban of fruity vaping products. Thus, if we are going to protect our children as the president said in his statement, it would mean taking fruity vape products off the market completely.
The future of fruity vape flavours in the US.

Of a truth, the future of fruity vape flavours has been dwindling from the start. Albeit touted as a safer and less addictive alternative to conventional cigarettes, fruity vape products have been associated with severe respiratory diseases. This has caused the federal government to take a closer look at the ingredients contained in the e-cig cartridges. After three years’ intensive research on the effect of vaporized fruity vapes on users, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is more than convinced that continuous use of fruity vapes will expose users to respiratory hazards.
Based on the inference made from a Tuesday publication by the Wall Street Journal, Trump intends to ban all fruity flavours from the market. Nevertheless, e-fluids flavoured with menthol or tobacco will remain in the market, even as we witness the exodus of other flavoured vapes.

The Journal also hints the possible exclusion of custom mix flavours from the list. This implies that people using tank-based vaping systems can continue enjoying their unique flavours without worrying about the imminent ban on fruity vapes.

President Donald Trump speaks to the media on New Year's Eve from his Mar-a-Lago property in Palm Beach, Fla., as Melania Trump stands next to him. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

Why the imminent Ban on the Fruity Vaping Flavours may be Temporary?

Just before the health and family groups started celebrating the possible exit of fruity vaping products from the general market, Trump soiled the celebration with another statement.

While addressing a group of reporters at Mar-a-Lago, his Florida resort, on New Year’s eve, Trump hints the coming back of fruity vaping products into the general after a while. He said the soon-to-be-announced ban on some fruity vaping flavours, is only a temporary ban that will give the FG a much-needed respite to conduct further examinations on the flavours.

Trump made it clear that the federal government is not writing fruity vaping products off completely, or labelling any products bad. He added that e-cigarettes hold potential benefits for people who want to alleviate their smoking addiction, and as such, the ban on fruity flavours won’t last long.

How's the Ban on the Fruity Vaping Flavours Going Now?

The FG will be using the first quarter of 2020 to work out the details of the looming embargo on fruity vaping flavours. Starting from the second quarter of the year, the Food and Drug Administration will be reviewing all fruity vaping flavours. Thus, only fruity vaping flavours that hold potential benefits to the wellbeing of the US populace will be accepted back into the general market.

However, with the scary adverse effects that have been associated with vaping, it is highly unlikely that any fruity vape products will be allowed in the US ever again.

Whereas this is not the first time Trump is hinting the ban of fruity vaping flavours in the US, the case may be different this time around. Moreover, the presidency recently passed a law that raised the procurement age of tobacco and vape products to 21. Thus, Trump’s current statement may mean more than mere words. Rather, a defining moment for vape products in the United States.  

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