Aulola E-liquid Review: 8 Flavours You Must Have

Here we strive to offer only the best quality products to ensure you enjoy vaping just as much as us. So we want to take a moment to shine a spotlight on one of the best British E-liquid companies today, Aulola.

Aulola is a British based company and a mainstay in the industry. Established in 2012, they operate out of Manchester and have a UK extensive network of customers. Offering top quality E-liquids in many different brands, their longevity is a testament to their quality. Their signature range, the Aulola E liquids, aim to provide no-nonsense flavours at a very affordable price. Coming in 10 mil bottles at nic strength from 0 to 13mg, each flavour is expertly crafted and tested by thousands of customers to ensure they only provide liquids that meet their exceptionally high standards. So what I want to do is to focus on 8 of their best selling flavours and give an insight into the flavour, profile, and quality of each E-Liquid.

Mango — Sweet Ripe Mango


Imagine its summertime, sun beating down, cold drink in hand, and the other a juicy fresh piece of fruit? Are you there? Then let me introduce you to mango by Aulola.

Mango provides a fresh, authentic mango experience from the first inhale to the last moments of your exhale. The sweet fresh mango inhale overwhelms your taste buds, giving you an almost tropical blast of sweet, succulent mango pieces. Moving into the exhale and you get the satisfying sweet exhale full of juice and bring an overwhelmingly fresh taste. Even down the final moments of your exhale, the flavour is bold and sweet, constant, and strong. Mango doesn't try to be a fresh sweet mango flavour. It just does it expertly with the up-most attention given to provide you with an authentic and enjoyable fruit flavour.



The poster boy for vaping everywhere, the Eliquid that allows you to quit and replace that nasty habit for good.

The taste of aged tobacco, perfectly blended with notes of musk and soft leaf notes, tobacco provides the highest quality tobacco flavour in a much safer alternative. The tobacco is rich and thick, with plenty of subtle notes much akin to a handcrafted cigar or cigarette from the finest tobacco leaves. A strong thorough flavour that delivers the authentic experience without leaving you with the harsh nasty after taste, tobacco provides you with the smoking feeling that you crave. Perfect for long-time smokers or those longing for the experience without the bad habit. Aulola has replicated the flavour fantastically and upped the flavour quality intensely. Full-bodied and with a slight musk, this is the perfect liquid for those who you want to give up the bad habit for good.

Menthol — A Cool Finish


The simplistic approach without the chemicals, the perfect flavour for new vapers.

Sometimes all you want is a nice simple flavour without the glitz and glam of the profile. Menthol delivers this in a big way with a cool vape throughout that sits on the refreshing side of mint. With a sharp mint on the inhale, you would be tricked into thinking this is a standard mint flavour. Then the exhale comes and leaves a mildly cool finish on your tongue that refreshing yet enjoyable. The mint is expertly balanced here, offering a nice light flavour that perks you up on the inhale before the cool exhale pleasantly relaxes you wanting more. Perfect for the new vapers or ones who want a nice simple flavour, Menthol is satisfying and light.

Candy Floss — Sweet with Fruity Undertones


A taste of the traveling fair, with the bright lights set against the sky at night. Experience all the joys of the carnival without a clown in sight.  

A light and sweet vape, Candy Floss deters from the usual candy flavours to offer something that will bring you back to the day when the carnival was the best day of your life. A sweet, sharp inhale fills your tongue with sugary delight, much like that first bite into your candy floss stick whilst you wait to ride the roller coaster. The exhale brings about a body of fruity undertones such as strawberry and raspberry that flood your senses with joy and satisfaction. A sweet flavour that gives you all the carnival fun, each vape makes you long for the next time the fair is in town. A very moreish flavour that offers all the joy of Candy Floss without any of the calories to go with it.

Ice Mint — Icy Undertones


Ever want to experience standing atop a frozen glacier in the middle of the south pole? This will empower you and bring you one step closer to the raw power of ice.  

A powerful yet satisfying vape, Ice Mint provides the minty taste with an almost overwhelming cool finish to really refresh you on a summers day. With a strong mint taste on the inhale with a cool undertone, this one is sharp and strong and not one for the faint of heart. Moving into the exhale and you start to experience the power of an Iceberg as the ice blast really hits hard with the mint underneath, giving you a pleasant journey among the frozen tundras. Great for a refreshing cold vape or just to cleanse the palette, Ice mint hits hard and provides such a refreshing experience to chill you to the bone.

Blue Ski — Apple, Melon, and Menthol


The flavour replicates the thrill and joy of skiing down a Swiss mountain on a cold sunny day. This flavour is sure to leave you excited for more.  

If you want something completely different in this range, then look no further than Blue Ski. The wonderful blend of crisp, sweet fruits combined with the fresh cool blast of menthol is exhilarating yet satisfying. The crisp Apple on the inhale feels like sitting atop the mountain, ready to take flight, with a sweet undertone with a slight melon twist In the background. The menthol inhale much like feeling the wind in your face as you look down at the slope before you. Moving onto the exhale and you start to pick up speed with the explosion of melon taking over the apple with the menthol prominent throughout. The honey melon maintains a sweet flavour throughout maintaining enjoyment with a fresh feeling as you come to the bottom, leaving you eager for more.

Double Mint — Chewing Gum


A Flavour that has you vaping over and over, recommended by dentist vapers everywhere

If you want a flavour that is mild yet empowering, that brings the enjoyment of gum in a vapour form, with the minty crystal magic that Aulola can bring, this one is for you. A flavour intense throughout, the mix of spearmint and peppermint blend together beautifully to bring a sparkling experience that is fresh and moreish. The sharp spearmint mixes with the sweet peppermint to give both a balanced inhale and exhale that sits light on the tongue but leaves a minty taste on the tip of your tongue after each vape. Perfect for mint lovers or all-day vapers, this one is sure to be an all-day vape.  

Apple — Crisp


An Apple vape a day will keep the doctors at bay, especially for replacing those cigarettes.

Much more straightforward than its exciting sibling, Apple e-liquid is designed to give you a satisfying and robust fruit vape that has you having American dreams of pie and the city that never sleeps. The strong, crisp, sweet apple on the inhale is enjoyable and tart from the get-go filling your taste buds of a flavour much like a freshly picked apple from your local farm. Moving into the exhale and a slight sour taste counterbalances the sweet to give an authentic and tasty fruit vape that is sure to be a big hit with apple lovers everywhere. The flavour is perfectly balanced and consistent which makes you have fond memories of grannies apple pie on a Sunday afternoon.


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