Dovpo Blotto RTA Review: New RTA from Vaping Bogan

Author: Alisa Yin / Category: Review / Published: Jan-19-2020

Dovpo and the most popular Aussie YouTuber Vaping Bogan have collaborated to bring you the aesthetically satisfying Blotto RTA. The Dovpo Blotto RTA is a sizeable rebuildable tank atomizer and measures at 25.6mm diameter. It comes with 2ml straight glass and two 6ml bubble tanks, one glass and one Ultem. The dual diffusion airflow features the bottom-fed airflow with honeycomb-style holes for a smoother vape. The build deck with a 242-degree airflow configuration directs the air comes through the bottom of the deck and around the sides for a restricted lung hit with lots of flavors.

The durable stainless steel chassis protects the 6ml e-liquid glass from breaking. The single or dual coil configurations make it the ideal tank to build. The knurling on the Blotto is designed to remove the threaded top cap easily. The advanced airflow system creates dense and flavorful vapor.


Price: £ 24.99 (at NewVaping)

Color: Rainbow, Silver, Black, Gunmetal, Purple, Green

Dovpo Blotto RTA Specifications

  • 25.6 mm
  • 2 mL standard capacity
  • 6 mL bubble tank capacity (glass and Ultem)
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Threaded top-fill system
  • Two-post
  • quad-terminal build deck
  • Top-side secured via flathead screws
  • PEEK insulator
  • Single or dual-coil configuration
  • Sectioned deck-based airflow
  • 242 degree Dual Honeycomb bored airflow - 26 holes per side
  • Threaded 510 connection

Dovpo Blotto RTA Contents

  • 1 x Dovpo Blotto RTA
  • 1 x Bubble Glass
  • 1 x Ultem Bubble Glass
  • 1 x Accessory bag
  • 1 x Bottle Opener

Build Quality and Design of Dovpo Blotto RTA

The Dovpo Blotto RTA is a large tank with 26mm in diameter, which features the perfect size for the primary mods on the market. The O-ring tolerances are perfect. The quick-release fill cap needs a quarter turn to open or close. The top cap and the airflow control ring are designed after a beer bottle cap. The knurling makes the Blotto RTA aesthetically pleasing. And there is knurling on the airflow ring to match.

The 19mm chimney with a gradual dome on the top goes down to 8 mm. The deep square ridges around the top cap and airflow ring make the Blotto RTA easy to grip with a little sharp. The machining on this tank is well. The threading that connects the chimney to the build deck is smooth and well-built.

The Dovpo Blotto RTA comes with a short, smooth, and rounded, two-piece drip tip with a metal band around it that suits the color of the Blotto RTA. It is comfortable when vaping. If the drip tip is not your style, you can use other 810 drip tips with the o-rings in the top cap.

The Dovpo Blotto RTA provides you with three glass tanks. The 2ml straight glass is pre-installed and you also get a 6ml bubble glass and 6ml ULTEM tank. The adjustable airflow control ring features two large kidney-shaped fill holes that are roughly 3.5 mm x 11 mm. The 26 holes on each side are arranged in a honeycomb pattern.

Build Deck of Dovpo Blotto RTA

The Dovpo Blotto RTA has a postless build deck with four terminals at the sides that will accommodate either single or dual coil builds. But from the number of airflow holes on the deck, it will probably perform best with the dual coil builds.

The stainless steel build deck measures at 19mm and the post holes are 2.5mm in diameter. The space between them is roughly 11mm. If you want to build a single coil, you will need to use the post holes on the same side due to the way the posts are split. If you want to use a hole from each side of the deck, you will go from positive to positive or vice versa.

There is a wall on either side of the deck. It rises and does a semi-circle around where your coil will place. The airflow holes in the wall and the base of the build deck will deliver strong flavor and massive clouds when the coils are installed. The small flathead screws on the build deck are easy to use. These screws grip the coil legs appropriately and hold the coils in place stably.

The build deck of the Dovpo Blotto RTA fits best with 3 - 4mm inner coil diameter or you will not get the full effect of the airflow. You may require to straighten the first coil, then install the second coil due to the narrow space. After tightening and positioning the coils, you can get the hotpots out and start wicking cotton.

Building and Wicking of Dovpo Blotto RTA

The most complicated part of using an RTA is getting the build and wicking right. Once you get it down it makes the atomizer the moist and flavorful RTA without dry hits. The best way to wick the Dovpo Blotto RTA is to not make the cotton too tight and comb it neatly.

  • Start with the 3 - 4mm ID coil. 3.5mm will be the best option. The coil legs should be trimmed down to 3.5mm too. Use the skull-shaped chubby bottle opener in the box to measure it
  • Unscrew the screws on the build deck and install the coil. There should be one coil under each wall
  • Screw tightly after installing the coils. Then pulse the coils at low wattage. Make the coils glow evenly by spacing the coils
  • Use the agleted cotton to make wick easier. Please make sure the coils are cooled down before wicking
  • Thread the cotton through the coils and fluff them out a bit to remove any bunched up cotton
  • Push the cotton through the wicking ports without gaps or its cloud lead to leaking
  • Finally, fill the Dovpo Blotto RTA Tank and stand it for 1 - 2min

Dovpo Blotto RTA Review

The Dovpo Blotto RTA is one of the best dual coil RTA on the market. Aside from the restricted airflow, it is a flavorful RTA. The flavor is definitely top-notch. The huge tank capacity, well-built design, and the slightly restricted DL draw from the 242-degree airflow make the Dovpo Blotto RTA stand out. It is not hard to build on, but it still is a little challenging for beginners. It’s worth learning. The machining is perfect and the threads are all really smooth. If you enjoy a really restricted lung hit on an RTA, and build quality is your priority, I would highly recommend you to try this beautifully designed RTA!

Pros and Cons of Dovpo Blotto RTA:


  • Made of 304 stainless steel material, great build quality
  • Huge e-liquid capacity
  • Ultem and glass bubble tanks
  • Nice two-piece 810 drip tip
  • Quick-release fill cap
  • Two large kidney-shaped fill ports
  • Smooth and quiet restricted direct lung hit
  • 242 degree smooth and direct-to-coil airflow
  • Honeycomb style airflow
  • Easy to build and wick
  • Great flavor with massive cloud


  • Does not come with any coils
  • Bottom airflow intends to leak if you wick incorrectly
  • Glass could pop off when removing deck
  • Max airflow could have been more

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