Dovpo x TVC Topside Dual Squonk Mod Review: Dual-18650 Battery [2020]

Author: Alisa Yin / Category: Review / Published: Apr-23-2020

The Topside Dual is the second dual-battery squonker from the well-known manufacture Dovpo. Dovpo Topside Dual is another collaboration between Dovpo and Brian from The Vapor Chronicles, also known as TVC, who has designed the highly claimed digiflavor Drop RDA and Profile Unity RTA. The original Topside introduced an innovative top filling system, which was just unheard of, and achieved great success due to the remarkable performance.

Dovpo Topside Dual is a hefty and bulky dual-battery squonk mod with a top-filling design and comes with two 10ml squonk bottles. Driven by  dual 18650 batteries, the Topside Dual can fire up to 200W and is designed with a Temperature Control mode. The same top-filled port allows you to fill without removing the bottle, which can effectively lessen the mess of refilling and is the most convenient squonking method so far. So what do we think of the Topside Dual? Let’s read the review to have a detailed look.


Price: £ 69.99 (at NewVaping)

Color: Black/Grey, Black/Red, Black/Gold, Black/Blue, Black, Silver, Red, Gunmetal, Purple, Blue, Gold, Green

Dovpo Topside Dual Squonk Mod Specifications

  • Size: 88.5 x 54 x 42mm
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 battery(not included)
  • Power: 5 - 200W
  • Resistance range: 0.08 - 3Ω
  • Top fill squonk bottle
  • Power modes: VW, TC (Ni, Ti, SS)
  • Squonk bottle capacity: 10ml
  • Display: 0.96in OLED

Dovpo Topside Dual Squonk Mod Package Contents

  • 1 x Dovpo Topside Dual Squonk Mod
  • 2 x 10ml Squonk Bottle
  • 1 x Accessories bag (Allen key and screws)
  • 1 x Micro USB cable
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Battery guide
  • 1 x QC card
  • 1 x Note from Brian

Build Quality and Design of Dovpo Topside Dual

Just like the original Topside, the Dovpo Topside Dual Squonker is a well-built and solid mod. The outside of the mod is pretty similar to its predecessor in aesthetic design and shape but is just a little bit bigger and thicker due to the extra battery compartment. Measuring at 88.5mm x 54mm x 42mm, the Topside Dual is a bit larger than your average box mod. It is doesn’t make for any stealthy device, and the dual-18650 squonk will be quite heavy and bulky to fit for two batteries and a bottle inside it.

Made of sturdy zinc alloy with a very curvy shape, the Topside Dual is very robust and ergonomic. The width fits nicely in your palm and the large squonk space on the back is great. You can easily hold it with your index finger and your thumb. It is available in 8 regular colors and 4 special editions with an anti-wear finish. The top and bottle are black. The overall design and build quality are great and the machining is top-notch.

At the top of the mod, you will see the branding ‘Topside Dual’ around the 510 connector. The 510 plate made of stainless steel has a very smooth and well-turned threading and a gold-plated static squonk pin inside it. The top section of the mod is held in place tightly with 4 hatch screws making the device well-constructed and solid. It can fit the most atomizers on the market in 22mm-28mm diameter without overhang. There are two large kidney-shaped filling ports on the top section, which are parts of the bottle and made of aluminum. The filling cap with nice knurling is easy to remove. The protruding rubber feet at the bottom of the cap slide into the filling ports. So you have to align the rubber feet before screwing into the cap.

There is a 0.96-inch white-and-black OLED screen on the front that displays your vaping information. The micro USB port is on the side of the mod for charging the batteries as well as updating the firmware. The large plastic fire button on the front near the top plate comes with a raised ring to prevent any juice from entering into the button. The two adjustment buttons right under the display are very responsive and work perfectly without rattle. The battery door on the base of the mod comes with a bottom-latch system. The silicone squonk bottle is pre-installed and holds 10ml of e-liquid. There is also a spare bottle included in the kit.

Features and Functions of Dovpo Topside Dual

The Dovpo Topside Dual powered by two 18650 batteries features various modes and functions, such as the Power mode, Temperature Control, Voltage mode, and TCR mode.

In Power mode, the Topside Dual can fire from 5W to 200W, which is pretty impressive. You can adjust the wattage output via the adjustment buttons in 5-watt increments until 100W then in 1W increments to 200W.

In TC mode, it supports the coil material of nickel, titanium, and stainless steel from 200 to 600 Fahrenheit degree. As for TCR mode, you can use different grades of stainless steel. Unlike the original Topside, the Dual is already equipped with the updated firmware to have all the modes on and does not need to update to unlock the Temperature Control mode.

The 0.96-inch OLED display is bright and easy to read. It shows the basic vaping data like battery life, wattage output, amperage, voltage, and coil resistance, etc. The menu system is very straightforward and simple. You will have the following options.

  • TCR
  • STATS (Puff count and puff timer)
  • EXIT

Quick Guide of Dovpo Topside Dual:

Unlike the 90W topside, the Dovpo Topside Dual comes with all of the features and modes. Here is a simple guide of the mod.

  • Press the fire button five times to turn on or turn off the mod
  • Press the fire button and Down button to access the menu system
  • Press the fire button and the Up button to adjust wattage in TC mode
  • Press the Up and Down buttons to lock the adjustment buttons (still can be fired)
  • Press the fire button three times to lock the fire button
  • Press the Up button three times when adjustment buttons locked to turn on or turn off the stealth function
  • In the main menu, use the Up and Down buttons to cycle through and the fire button to confirm

Squonking the Dovpo Topside Dual

The innovative top-filling mechanism makes the Topside stand out from the rest, which is very convenient and as simple as filling a tank. Same as the original Topside, you should unscrew the knurled and spring-loaded top cap on the mod to reveal the two nicely sized squonk ports. Then fill the bottle with e-liquid and screw back the cap. The top-filled slots are recessed that can accommodate both droppers and nozzles without spilling. But it is difficult to check if the bottle is full since you cannot see the top of the bottle.

The Topside Dual Squonker is pre-installed the same bottle as the original 90W mod. It holds 10ml of e-juice and you also get a spare bottle with a cap in the kit. The squonk bottle is installed from the bottom of the mod. Removing is easy with a solid tug, but you need to open the battery latch and pull out the bracket at first. The track system makes installing and removing easy and safe. You will rarely remove the bottle unless you need to replace or clean it out.

The squonk bottle takes appropriate pressure to squonk. It works well with full e-juice. Once you get around halfway down, it feeds e-liquid slowly. I have to squeeze all the time and tilt the bottle to squonk. It is a little bit inconvenient but it’s almost impossible to find a perfect squonk bottle. At least the bottle has 10ml capacity and you will have 5ml of perfect squonking.


In the Wattage and Voltage modes, the mod works perfectly. The wattage can reach up to 200W and the voltage even out at 12V. While temperature control performance is not good. It did not produce a warm vape.

Dovpo Topside Dual Squonk Mod Review

Overall, the Dovpo Topside Dual is another successful collaboration with the TVC. It is a bigger and dual-battery version of the original. It performs well in power mode and voltage mode but sadly not a mod for TC usage. The top-filling design makes filling a breeze without a mess. The appearance and structure design are very similar to the original Topside, but it’s a bit wider and heavier due to the additional 18650 battery. The 200W maximum output is impressive, which brings more power for those who want to squonk with lower-resistance atomizers.

I don’t t mind the bulky size and heavy weight of the Topside Dual as that’s to be expected from any dual-battery mod. It is not for those who want a portable and lightweight device. If you don’t use temperature control and want more power, it will be a great choice.

Pros and Cons of Dovpo Topside Dual


  • Good build quality
  • Solid and durable
  • Unique top-filling design
  • Comes with two bottles
  • Easy to read screen
  • No need to update firmware for TC mode
  • Various functions and modes
  • Good performance in power mode
  • Easy filling without leaking
  • Long battery life
  • More powerful than original
  • Ergonomic curve
  • Houses 25mm atomizer without overhang


  • TC mode is disappointing
  • Doesn’t feed well with a half of e-liquid
  • Battery door is hard to open or close
  • No preheat options or watt curve mode
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