MOTI Pod Device Vape, A JUUL Killer?

If you’re looking to quit smoking or enjoy the experience of vaping, you're likely looking for a vape that could meet all of your needs as you might be dazzled by various products on the market. When it comes to selecting the perfect vape, it’s common to find yourself weighing pros against cons.

Up until this point, JUUL has been a dominant player in the e-cigarette industry and the most popular choice for vapers for a long time though it hasn’t been without its share of flaws. Check out this JUUL Vape Review to see what we mean. Today we’ll be reviewing JUUL’ s latest serious competitor and a potential killer on the scene:

MOTI Pod Device Vape

Sleek, Compact Design


With pretty much every single design, MOTI has a tapered oval shape similar to an eye, this allows the device to fit naturally in between your fingers and feels comparable to holding a cigar. Unlike JUUL, there are no hard edges to dig into your hand after long vaping sessions. It’s perfect for vaping as it measures only 4.5 inches long and fits well in any pocket. In addition, there are a wide variety of colors and flavors for vapers to choose, especially the glossy rainbow one.

Refillable Pod Systems


Do you feel sucked when you have to overpay on vapor juice every time you run out of JUUL’s E-Liquid? MOTI makes crowning achievement in this aspect. Its REFILLABLE pods set it miles ahead of JUUL. You can simply buy the refillable pods and easily fill them up with your favorite Nic Salt vapor juice. The refillable pods are intelligently designed with two fill ports, so there’s no waiting for bubbles to settle like with some pod systems on the market. I bet you’ll be surprised at how long the MOTI (with 1.8ml capacity) can last in between refills.

Innovative Features


MOTI also includes several innovative features not often found in vapes utilizing a similar pod system. It’s powered by a top of the line 500mAh built-in battery. At full charge, its battery can provide around 600 puffs taking around 50 mins total before recharge. Besides, MOTI supports pass-through-charging so that you can vape it while it is being charged. What an effective way to save our precious time.

You’ll find a highly advanced 6th generation honeycomb ceramic core inside MOTI pod. This ceramic core is key to make MOTI such a fantastic device. With a ceramic core, MOTI is able to generate more flavors than any other standard pod device. More typically, this device is also draw-activated, so you only need to puff on it and the device automatically fires.    


After using it for a period, I'm confident that MOTI is going to stir Big Waves in the vaping world.

What do you think of MOTI? Have you tried any other Pod Devices yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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