Rewards Program

The Newvaping Rewards Program gives NewVaping customers special discounts on their purchases. Receiving rewards is easy. Follow the steps below to create an account and start earning rewards. 

Get Started by Creating an NewVaping Account:

Create an account on by clicking the Sign In button located at the upper right hand corner of the Homepage screen or by clicking on the Reward Program button located at the lower left hand corner of the Homepage screen. Both buttons with take you to the Account Creation page. Create an account by entering your first and last name, your email, and any password. 


After you have created an account on NewVaping, you will be eligible to earn reward points. Check your emails to find out about weekly promotions and deals that can help you save on your favorite vape juices, coils, and new vape devices, and subsequently help you earn more points . Make sure that you log into your account when you purchase from NewVaping so that you can earn rewards!


How to Earn Reward Points:

Refer to the image below to learn about Rules for the NewVaping Rewards Program. 


Placing an order on NewVaping will automatically award you 2 points for every $1 spent. If you spend $50, you will receive 100 points. 

Sharing NewVaping pages on social media will also earn you points.

Like us on Facebook and receive 10 points.

Review a product on and receive 10 points. 


Redeeming Your Rewards Points:

The Rewards Program button is visible on every page on NewVaping. 

Click the Rewards Program button to log into your account and view your rewards points. 

Once you collect enough rewards points, you can use them to create discount codes and coupon codes to use on your future orders. Redeem your points inside the Rewards Program interface. 

These are the discounts you can create: 

For every 500 points, you can get a $5 off discount. If you save your points, you can redeem more points for a larger discount.

Once you redeem your points for a discount, a coupon code will be generated for you to use. You will also receive an email with a copy of your coupon code.

Discount your order by using the coupon code at checkout. 



  • $5 off discounts cannot be used with orders that are under $30.00.
  • $10 off discounts cannot be used with orders that are under $50.00.
  • $15 off discounts cannot be used with orders that are under $75.00.
  • $20 off discounts cannot be used with orders that are under $90.00. 


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