Golisi G30 18650s 3000mAh Li-ion Battery 2PCS

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Main Features:
High drain 18650 Li-ion Battery.
Capacity: 3000mAh.
Constant Current: 20A.
Safety Protection: Based On UL 1642 Standard, No Leaking Or Explosion In Extreme Tests Of Over Charging, Short Circuit, Over-Discharging, High Temperature.
Internal Protection Sheets To Avoid Over-Discharging And Over-Charging.
Safe And Environment-Friendly: ROHS Tested, No Leaking, No Explosion, No Pollution.
High Capacity, High Energy Density.
Long Life Time, Can Be Recharged Over 800 Times.
Size: 18 x 65mm
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Charging Cut-off Voltage: 4.20±0.05V
Operate Temperature: Charging(0-45℃), Discharging(-20-60℃)
Storage Temperature: Room temperature, dry place
Warm Prompt:
Use only a suitable external battery charger.
Always turn off your Mods or E-cig before storing it.
Protect unused batteries wherever they are stored with a suitable cover or case. (Always keep the battery in designated case after using )
Do not use a damaged or scratched battery.
Do not use a battery beyond its amperage limit.
Do not put a battery directly in the pocket.
Do not place a battery in contact with metal objects.
Do not disassemble, drill, squeeze, short-circuit or expose to water or excessively high temperatures.
Package Contents:
2 x GOLISI G30 18650 Battery
1 x Plastic Storage Case
1 x Paper Box

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