GeekVape (L200) Aegis Legend 2 200W Kit Review: The New Improved Legend 2

The GeekVape Aegis is a line of the most famous products. As the vaping devices modernized, the function and design that GeekVape L200 Aegis Legend 2 offers deserve special attention. Vapers always admire the effective functionality it offers. The Geekvape Legend 2 Kit is a twin 18650 battery device that comes with a great power output of 200 watts. It comes with advanced and updated display colors, charging port position, lock switch, and a new sub-ohm tank on the top. The latest iteration’s Z tank is the adjustable airflow tank allowing the e-liquid capacity of 5.5ml e-liquid, support for new Z coils, and 810 drop tip. Sounds amazing, right? Let’s take a look at the detailed review of Legend 2.

Body and Display

The Geekvape Legend 2 Kit is made to feel like the original version with the same feelings and comfort. The design is quite similar to the original one, but the only difference the dust magnet rubber covering is not included. So, it may cause the vape to get some dents if it falls, but removing the rubber has decreased its size making it feel comfortable in the hands. It is constructed using different polymers and stainless steel casing. Up top is a 5120 connector with the steel base plate and spring-loaded gold plated connection pin. The device is only 26mm wide at the top, so you can get some high-volume tanks to fit inside, but not more than 23mm as it can make the device look weird.

Functions and Features

The Geekvape Legend 2 Kit front has a firing button, screen, and option buttons. The appearance is quite similar to the previous Aegis models. However, the 1.08’’ TFT screen is new, so that you get some extra clarity and visibility. The new chip in GeekVape Legend 2 Kit is to allow you to adjust the screen brightness, display colors, and other options as desired to give maximum convenience. There are multiple modes for you to make a choice.

For Instance, it has TC - Ni (Nickel), TC - SS (Stainless Steel), TCR (Temperature Coefficient), VPC (Variable Power Curve) as well as Bypass mods. Similarly, there are a wide range o0f configuration options to choose from. These include bright and dark displays, changing display color, and temperature adjustments like wattage setting, resistance, and others.


There is a rubber flap that is below the 510, off to the side, and can be lifted to view and use the USB Type-C charging port. You can use it for charging the device as well as for software updates. The bottom of the device has a battery bay door. To open the door, you will have to push the door down with a little force and slide the latch into position a few times. It looks harder to open the door, but it is what it is. The battery connections are well labeled and are nicely gold plated to improve the conductivity.


The Geekvape L200 Kit is a good device giving you a satisfying vaping experience. It has been one of the vapes known to offer a great and joyous vaping experience. It feels lighter and lovelier in hand with some new features and advancements as compared to previous models. It’s easier to click the fire button and the top charging port allows you to keep on vaping while the device is being charged. The screen and UI give a great display as well. The Z tank airflow is fantastic and you will never be worried about leaks. It is a quiet and flavorful vape with quite a reasonable price to pay for the function and features it has.

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