Vape Kits

The world of vape and vaping has seen a tremendous increase in its populace over the years. Matter of fact, the vaping industry has helped a vast majority of people with their smoking addiction. This seemingly harmless device or E-cigarettes as they are widely known are a suitable subsidiary for smoking, as it poses no adverse effects in contrast to traditional smoking. Overall, vaping offers a great experience, whether you seek to curtail your smoking addiction or simply want to indulge in vaping as a recreational activity.

In today's market, there are several options available for you to choose from. Companies are working day and night to improve their vaping hardware in a bid to outperform their counterparts in the industry. As such, beginners might find it a bit difficult to make out the best accessory for them. You should always stick to getting a high-quality vape to bask in the ultimate vaping experience.

Types of Vapes

As much as there are hundreds of different vapes out there, they all fall under four categories.

  • Cig-A-Likes (First Generation)
  • Vape Pens (Second Generation)
  • Vape Mods (Third Generation)
  • Pod Mods

Before diving into the discussion, you should know that these four categories move along a chain of increased technological advancements. That is, they move from the older, first-generation vapes to the modern, third-generation ones. However, for beginners, you do not necessarily need to go for the newer, third-generation vapes. All you need to do is find something that you are comfortable with, and with time, you might experience a change in preference.  



The Cig-A-Like takes on the shape of your standard cigarette. The idea behind the Cig-A-like's design was to produce something that would offer smokers an easy transition from smoking to vaping. These devices are easy to use, portable, and efficient. All in all, they offer individuals who are transitioning the feel of a cigarette without the harmful effects that are.

  • Vape Pens
Vape Pen

Their design resembles that of a typical pen, although they are larger, and unlike Cig-A-Likes, carries a larger battery for larger output.  They are lightweight, portable, durable, and they come with a temperature control property, making them one of the most sort-out vaping devices available. Nowadays, you can get quality CBD-compatible vape pens, and they all produce that quality vaping experience.

  • Vape Mods
SMOK Mag 225W TC Box Mod

The vape mod (modified e-cigarette) stems from a time where vapers transformed flashlights to obtain vaping hardware that produced significantly larger clouds. This third-generation hardware comes with increased firepower as well as user personalization features.

Unlike their predecessors, they incorporate sub-ohm coils into their main design, giving them that extra firepower. Sub-ohm coils have a resistance value of less than one ohm, allowing electrical currents to flow at a higher rate. However, it is important that you note the resistance of your coil and adhere strictly to the manufacturer's prescribed wattage. This way, you get maximum output while prolonging the lifespan of your vape.

  • Pod Mods

These miniature vapes are excellent for new vapers as well as those transitioning from smoking to vaping. Pod mods are pocket-friendly and are extremely efficient, minimizing e-juice consumption while providing a similar feel gotten from smoking. You can regard them as an improved version of the Cig-A-Like, as they offer the same feel of a regular cigarette as opposed to the looks.

Overall, before you start vaping, you need to acquire a device that feels right. With a wide array of products, you need the best to be able to get the best vaping experience.

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