Are Ceramic Coils Safe? Possible Health Concerns for Vapers

Whether you're new to vaping or have been vaping for a while, you might have some concerns about coils. Coils are, as you already know, one of the most critical aspects of your vaping experience. Coils are parts of the atomizer in your vape that turn energy into heat and vaporize e-liquid from saturated wicking content.

The ceramic coil is one of the most contentious breakthroughs in recent years. Ceramic coils are a source of debate in the vaping culture, as they have both positive and negative aspects. Finally, we're here to clear up any myths or misconceptions so you can make the best decision possible.

What is a Ceramic Coil

Let's start with the fundamentals. Ceramic coils, as the name implies, use ceramics to increase longevity and defend against issues like metal oxidation in your vape. They may take longer to heat than other coils (such as quartz coils), but they are known for their excellent heat retention.  Longer life, self-cleaning properties, and the lack of dry hit are among the other advantages touted by manufacturers. 

However, one of the most noteworthy advantages of ceramic coil technology is that it produces the purest vapor flavor available today. They have a strong taste and terpene profiles. Furthermore, there is no burnt taste, which many vapers dislike.

Ceramic Coils Vs. Standard Coil

The way ceramic coils are formed is one of the most significant variations between them and regular coils.  Although ceramic coils do not have a wick, most traditional coils use a wire and fiber wick combination. Ceramic coils have a coating of ceramic instead of wick. This hybrid combination of a cotton wick sandwiched between (or surrounding) the ceramic does exist in some ceramic coils. However, when it's time to replace these ceramic coils, you'll simply replace the cotton wicking material as needed.

Ceramic coils absorb your e-liquid, which is then heated to create vapor, thanks to their porous nature. This is why ceramic coils produce better flavor than regular coils.

Advantages of Ceramic Coils for Vaping

Why would you want to select a ceramic coil over a regular coil, given the variations between the two? We've compiled a list of benefits that come with ceramic coils.

  • Optimum Viscosity: You can use a thicker viscosity in your tanks with ceramic coils than you can with wicking coil cartridges. [viii] This is due to the fact that a ceramic system with both a heating element and a fiber tube would not degrade.
  • Better Taste: Vape consumers who use ceramic coils typically notice a difference in flavor. A ceramic coil contains nothing that will interact with or react with the taste of your e-liquid. In the end, the increased surface area of the coil's ceramic content ensures that each puff vaporizes more juice.
  • Longer Life Span: Since ceramic can withstand high temperatures, your ceramic coil can last much longer than regular coils. Furthermore, dry hits do not damage the coil because the ceramic that surrounds it provides a substantial level of protection.

Disadvantages of Ceramic Coils for Vaping

As with anything, there are several disadvantages for choosing ceramic coils in your vape.

  • Limited Tank and Coil Choices: Ceramic coils are still uncommon. Ceramic coils are more difficult to come by than ordinary cotton-wicked coils. In the end, you would need to get a new tank to try out ceramic coils.
  • Faster E-Liquid Consumption: Although ceramic coils have better taste, they also absorb juice more quickly than regular coils. It's not the end of the world because increased juice intake is linked to improved efficiency, but it's something you shouldn't overlook.
  • Health Risks:Initially, some ceramic coil researchers and reviewers raised questions about possible health risks. However, subsequent testing of ceramic coils found no evidence of particulates from ceramic coils being a problem. In the end, the studies are inconclusive, but the worst-case scenario is that long-term vaping with ceramic coils may be dangerous to one's health.

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