How Does A Nicotine Test Work? A Concise Guide Is for You

To switch from smoking, most vapers have a tendency to use vape juice with nicotine to satisfy their cravings. But unluckily, in our daily life, there is a nicotine test served to some employers and many insurance companies. This means they consider it as a condition of employment or criteria to determine your cost of health insurance. However, sometimes it is also used for Smoking cessation programs and Medical testing.

If you are facing the problem of a nicotine test, you probably want to figure out the process of the examination and the key solution to pass it. Without any further ado, this post is ready to tell you the answer.

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  • What is a nicotine test?
  • The main types of nicotine testing
  • Suggestions to receive a negative result
  • The benefits of vaping with 0mg nicotine

What is a nicotine test?

Often, people are used to seeing a nicotine test as an examination of nicotine in someone’s system. Yes, it is correct somehow. But most companies require cotinine testing, a substance that is a metabolite of nicotine because it remains longer than nicotine in your body.

Generally, nicotine can be tested in your blood for one to three days and in your urine for around four days; while cotinine can stay in your system for ten days or so.The amount of time cotinine lingers in your system can change depending on your ethnicity, gender, the drugs you take, and even the foods you eat.

With the advancement of science, the “cut points”, the amounts exceeded by which the person being tested is regarded as positive for nicotine use, have been proposed differently.

The main types of nicotine testing

The most typical samples used for cotinine testing are urine or saliva, however, blood or hair samples can also be used.

Blood testing

Blood testing is ordered by a trained technician and performed in a hospital or laboratory, which makes it expensive and troublesome. So it’s less frequently used than the other approaches. But blood testing is quite precise and can recognize both nicotine and cotinine.

Saliva testing

The most accurate sensitive testing technique is saliva testing. The convenience brought to everyone is its main advantage.

The employer usually uses cotinine saliva testing kits made available by third-party labs. Typically, a mouth swab is taken, and it is placed in a self-sealing container before being sent to the lab. Then The employer or insurance provider gets the results by phone or online with the results.

Urine testing

The test is also quite easy. The urine sample is tested on a test strip, which is then rapidly read as positive or negative. Cotinine concentrations in urine can be up to six times greater than in blood or saliva. This gives it a superior option for detecting cotinine in low quantities.

Hair testing

The most accurate approach for measuring cotinine levels is to use hair samples, but it is also the most challenging, expensive, and time-consuming. When the results of other tests are ambiguous or uncertain, hair testing may be prescribed. It is commonly employed in scientific research. The fact that hair samples can keep cotinine for up to three months is beneficial to researchers.

Suggestions to receive a negative result

There are two methods available to pass the test. One is to buy a product that is claimed to cleanse your body and get rid of nicotine and other drugs in just a few days. But the effect of it is still questionable.

Nevertheless, apart from heavy smokers, many people who have stopped getting nicotine for around one week and used the product before testing have a big possibility to get a negative result.

Another is to be friendly to your wallet, you can vape with non-nicotine e-liquid and drink a lot of water to freshen your body for two weeks before testing. It is also likely to get a good result.

The benefits of vaping with 0mg nicotine

Think from the root of the problem, the best way to not worry about this kind of test is to quit using nicotine. You may have difficulty in directly stopping smoking or vaping, but you can choose to vape with free-nicotine e-juice, which also mimics the sensation of smoking and help you get away from nicotine addiction.

If you are a cloud-chaser, non-nicotine vape juice can greatly help you produce more vapour and be with less risk of getting dizzy and coughing. If you are a flavour lover.

There is a wider range of flavours coming with zero nicotine e-liquid. Besides, nicotine is a toxic component, it is good for your health when not using it. All in all, why not have a try?


After finishing reading this essay, we sincerely hope that you have gained what you want and are free away from anxiety. At present, taking the right measures to get through the test is a temporary solution, but in a long run, stopping using nicotine is a reliable way for both the test and your health.

If you need any help, we are always ready for you at New Vaping.

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