One of the most appealing aspects of vapes is the opportunity to customize your nicotine dosage. And there's even a nicotine-free variant! Many vapers begin vaping with the intention of gradually weaning themselves off nicotine until they reach zero; utilizing vapes to stop smoking and break the nicotine addiction. Even after quitting smoking, some people continue to vape without nicotine. Some people mix nicotine and non-nicotine juices. There are also vapers who have never used nicotine and instead use CBD vape pens.

There are plenty of options for non-nicotine vapes and plenty of reasons to choose them.

Get free from nicotine’s toxicity

Unlike nicotine-laced e-juice, the substances in nicotine-free e-liquid are virtually usually of food-grade quality. If you are concerned about spills or bottles of nic liquid falling into the wrong hands, zero nicotine e-juice poses no known risk. Sure, a small percentage of the population may be allergic to one of the chemicals, but it is a risk associated with allergies in general, not with vape juice in particular.

Even though a non-nicotine vape lacks the toxicity of nicotine, it is prudent to keep all vapes out of the reach of children and pets, especially if there are other vapes around that contain nicotine or other substances. You don't want to get the two mixed up! Also, keep in mind that the absence of nicotine toxicity does not imply that you may safely inhale it into your lungs. Those are two distinct issues.

Nicotine free vapes are non-addictive

A vape with 0 mg nicotine e-juice has no addictive ingredient.

It's a basic fact. If nicotine is the addictive drug, the risk for addiction goes with it. And it's not even like decaffeinated coffee, where the caffeine was just partially eliminated. Nicotine is a vape ingredient. This is an optional element.

However, the FDA-mandated labeling regulations for e-juice allow just two labels, whether it contains nicotine or not. These are your only options:

  1. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
  2. This product is made from tobacco.

That isn't a joke! Both assertions are patently incorrect in the case of non-nicotine vape juice. And weirdly deceptive and perplexing to the consumer. Assume you're attempting to convince your wife that you've successfully stopped smoking, but she notices the huge disclaimer on your e-liquid.

With the exception of sporadic incidences of mislabeling and manufacturing errors, which occur in every business, including baby food, non-nicotine e-juice is not manufactured from tobacco and does not contain nicotine. As a result, no matter how you spin it, it is not chemically addictive.

Take a nicotine break and still vape

It is fairly unusual for nicotine users to go overboard on occasion, especially when they are still discovering their limitations. It's not a pleasant sensation unless you enjoy feeling dizzy. It may momentarily make you drowsy, agitated, buzzing, or just plain nauseous. But, even if your body is screaming “no more nicotine!”, you still want to vape.

There is no nicotine in zero nicotine e-liquid. Nothing! With 0 mg juice, you may continue vaping while giving your system a rest. Take more hits without absorbing more nicotine.

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