Vaping, the recreation of tobacco smoking using an electric device, is a recreational activity taken up by many. Proven to be less harmful than traditional cigarette smoking, vaping helps those involved get that familiar feeling without the harmful side effect of conventional smoking.

Over time, the demand for vapes has grown enormously, and it has brought about mixed feelings across the globe. Why there are people who understand what vapes and vaping are about, the number of negative comments demands that the vaping community as a whole reestablish its stronghold to ensure that vaping stays long term. Vapers and the vaping community as a whole can save vaping in multiple ways. However, it will only be possible if they commit to the cause fully.

  • Educate the Public

The majority of negative comments about vapes and vaping come from people who are ignorant about it. Educating yourself on the widespread misconceptions held by these people is the first step to take in terms of turning the table around.

You must combat their myths and assumptions with scientific facts and revelations in order to change their minds about vapes. Providing scientific proof, answering basic questions, and correcting all misunderstandings is the only way to clear all reasonable doubts.

  • Remember to Vote

Consider vaping from a legal standpoint. You must remember that politicians are so engrossed in passing bills restricting smoking and the sales of E-cigarettes in a bid to look good in the eyes of the public. The vaping community needs to get the attention of those who are willing to listen, making them realize that vaping is not the same as contemporary smoking. They must realize that vaping has zero side effects, and a bill restricting vaping is not required.

Vapers need to continuously project their concerns concerning actions taken against vaping, as it is the only way to gain their attention. Overall, intelligent voting is required because voting the right candidate into power will ensure that vaping continues to exist.

  • Gain the Trust of Smokers

In the eyes of the public, smoking and vaping are one and the same. Although educating the public is one thing, vapers need to gain the trust of smokers, helping them transition from smoking to vaping. This transition is not only better for them health-wise, but also the vaping community gains increased manpower, which in turn increases their political force. The combination will help both parties with smokers living a healthier lifestyle, and vapers have the numbers in their favor.

  • Patronize Local Vendors

As with anything business-related, patronizing local vendors will help to regulate cash flow. Aside from patronizing local vendors, you can also help them grow by teaching them about things they are not knowledgeable about. They can also be a part of CASAA, where they will be receiving information pertaining to anti-vaping legislation in and around their environment. CASAA is a free low-risk nicotine advocacy group housing over 20,000 members globally. Local vendors will greatly benefit from all sorts of information as it will keep them a step ahead to maintaining their business.

  • Active Media Management

The media plays a huge role in everything that carries huge controversies. The majority of all communications between political forces, researchers, journalists, and advocates take place online. You can submit newspaper entries to combat anti-vaping articles and other hate speeches. Similarly, you can take part in intelligent online discussions on different social media platforms. The goal is to help spread awareness all over the world, so it would help that you do not be that obnoxious, loudmouth whose actions only derail the progress set in place.

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