Coil Master 600ML Ultrasonic Vape Cleaner

Plug: UK Plug
Sale price£29.99

The Coil Master Ultrasonic Vape Cleaner is designed for cleaning your vaping gears, such as RTA, RDA, RBA, metal atomizers parts, screws, drip tips, etc. No tedious process of cleaning, no residual taste of vaping. Free your hands and get a refreshing vape experience every time!

Main Features:
  • Simple to use: 3min auto shut off system makes it easy to control
  • Powerful Ultrasonic Cleaner: 40000Hz ultrasonic frequency effectively cleans the dirt, grime residual juice without any damage, shines up your vape items in minutes
  • Regular Cleaning: Regular cleaning and maintenance with your vaping gears can effectively prolong the lifespan
  • Wide Application: it can also clean your glasses, jewellery, watches, denture, razor, and more household commodities
  • Anti-COVID19: we recommend you to clean and sterilize your vape items regularly for health
  • CE, FCC, RoHS Testing Approval
Suggested applications:
  • RTA, RDA, RTDA, RBA, pod cartridge, metal atomizers parts, screws, drip tips, o-rings, AFC ring, 510 connector, rebuildable tools, ect.
  • Jewellery Necklace, bracelet, ring, earings, badge
  • Glasses, watchband, waterproof watch, household hardware, pen head, printer head
  • Disc (CD, VCD, DVD), denture, toothbrush, cosmetic, comb, razor, Contact Lens accessories
  • Lab tools, instruments and fittings
  • Metal dishware, feeding bottles, ancient coin, valve, machine nozzle
Model: CM-800
Voltage: AC100-120V,60Hz 
Frequency: 40KHz
Ultrasonic Power: 35W
Tank capacity: 0.6L
Tank size(mm): 155*95*52(L*W*H)
Overall size(mm) : 200*140*125(L*W*H)
Unit weight: 1.18KG
Drainage: None
Carton size: 557*510*360mm(12PCS/CTN)
Package Contents:
1 x Coil Master 600ML Ultrasonic Vape Cleaner

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