Expert Guide: How to Inhale properly

Every vaper starts off as a beginner and knowing how to inhale pot is the first step on the path to becoming a vaper. It's bizarre to think about "how to inhale" since breathing is a natural action that occurs hundreds of times every day. However, all first-time smokers must start somewhere, and appropriate breathing technique is critical to getting the most out of your cannabis experience.

Most first-timers light up their joint as if it were a cigarette, but they don't actually inhale the smoke. If the smoke isn't fully inhaled, it just reaches the throat and nasal passages, where it absorbs THC and wastes valuable cannabinoids. This is why many first-time smokers do not experience euphoria.

Read on to learn how to avoid coughing and choking while making the most of every cannabis hit.

How to inhale properly

Inhalation techniques differ significantly depending on whether you're smoking a joint, hitting a bong, or using a vaporizer, but they all follow the same basic principles.

When you smoke, you're combusting cannabis and breathing the smoke, which delivers cannabinoids to your bloodstream. Because smoking can cause irritation to the lungs, it's necessary to take slow, regulated pulls to avoid inflammation. Begin with modest inhalations and work your way up to deeper ones as you gain confidence.

To guarantee that your lungs receive the most quantity of THC, gently inhale roughly two-thirds of your dosage before taking a deep, inhaled gulp of air. The fresh air drives the cannabis smoke deeper into the lungs, perhaps increasing THC absorption. It's not necessary to hold your inhale for a lengthy time. THC and other cannabinoids may function as bronchodilators, increasing ventilation and so speeding up absorption.

Consider waiting 5-10 minutes after your initial toke to see the onset of effects before deciding whether you require more.

How to avoid inhaling too much

Some ways of cannabis use are harsher than others. Tobacco is present in blunts and spliffs, causing lung harm. Joints and pipes that just contain cannabis may be less dangerous. Similarly, using a bong or bubbler to smoke marijuana cools the ordinarily harsh cannabis smoke by passing it through water.

Begin slowly as you draw through your pipe or bong, taking a deep inhale after clearing the chamber. The gulp aids in complete THC absorption. As you grow more comfortable and understand how to regulate your dose, you can always take bigger hits.

Although vaporizing marijuana is less harmful to the lungs than smoking it, many cannabis users claim that it produces a more powerful high. Cannabis vaporizes at a temperature far lower than its burning point, retaining the cannabinoids and terpenes that would otherwise be lost via combustion.

When vaping cannabis, whether in oil or flower form, it's preferable to take shorter hits and hold them for a shorter period of time than when smoking cannabis. Take a breather between hits to consider how you're feeling and if you want to consume more.

Final thoughts

Yeah, you have it, the proper way to inhale when vaping. Sticking to this tips mentioned in this article will turn you into an expert vaper in no time.

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