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Most vapers start their vaping journey with a simple disposable vape or a compact rechargeable pen style pod kit, whereas as time goes by, a novice vaper will become an intermediate vaper then an advanced vaper and wants to try some innovative and highly customizable vape to acquire a brand new vaping experience. Maybe for extremely detailed flavour, incredible fluffy could, and warm vapour. Hence the growth will eventually bring us here - an ultimate and highly customizable box mod vape kit. Compared to pod vapes, mod vapes are equipped with a chip set to monitor the parameters of the power output, coil resistance, and temperature information, therefore they usually come with much more functions such as VW(variable wattage), AC(airflow control), and TC(temperature control). Today we are going to talk about the TC(temperature control) mode and I bet most of you do not have a clue of what is it.

What is Temperature Control Vaping?

In order to clearly explain the TC(temperature control) mode of the box mod vape, here lists the main “what”:

  1. Simply speaking, TC mode is a method meant to limit the resistance of the coil to a specific value. Since there is no temperature sensor in the vape device, so it detects the coil resistance to alter the power output and make the coil reach the assigned temperature via the chip set, for instance, the most popular and advanced DNA chip(created by a company called Evolv in 2014.). To further explain, TC mode is: when the coil resistance varies, the device adjusts, restricts, or switches the power off.
  2. TC mode has a bad compatibility to coils. In other words, the major vape coils are Kanthal in the mod build, but Kanthal does not work with TC mode as its resistance does not vary when it heats up. And the most common TC compatible coils include Titanium, Stainless Steel, and Nickel. So before deciding to use a TC mod, make sure you are getting the right coils.
  3. Key functions of TC mode are prolonging your coils lifespan and reducing terrible vaping sensations like dry hits and burnt coils. Your coils will hardly get excessively heated or burn your wicks when temperature control mode is used correctly. Furthermore, it also acts as a safety precaution and prolongs your coils lifespan, and you can customize your box mod vape according to your temperature preference to get a smoother vaping experience.

How to use TC mode and What is the best Temperature for TC mode?

Since TC mode only appears in box mod vapes which are recommended to advanced vapers but not novice vapers, those devices are relatively complex and require more solid skills like ohm laws, self wire-building, tank adaption and so on. Here are the standard steps of using a TC mod vape: Firstly, attach your tank or rebuildable atomizer to the box mod device. Then check the wattage output of your device is within the defined limits that your coil can handle, this is usually showed on tank coils. If not, then refer to the user manual or the manufacturer’s official website.

Remember it in mind that choose a right TC coil so that you can start your TC vaping experience, the following chart is FYI:

After selecting a correct coil, it is time to activate the TC mode. It is rather simple to find the TC mode in the operating menu, generally it only takes a few seconds and taps. So find the TC option and set your temperature limit, which should be decided by taking into account wire type and your wattage output. Then what is the best temperature for TC mode to vape at? Well in the beginning, a lower temperature is recommended, then vape a few times to decide whether you need to increase or not. The most common temperature range is between 200°C - 250°C, but you should never stop exploring - different people have different thresholds, you should keep trying until find a best temperature that suits you best.

Pros and Cons of TC vaping

  1. Avoiding dry hits/ burnt taste: By enabling temperature control in the box mod, in the absence of vape juice in the tank, before the coil becoming hot, power is cut off and the vaper receives less and less vapor instead of dry hits.
  2. Prolonging coil and wick life: When the vape coil is protected from getting excessively hot, its safetyis guaranteed. This prolongs lifespan of coil and wick and offers the vaper more puffs before the coil and wick getting completely expired.
  3. Battery life: It is estimated that a TC vape uses 1.5 times less power than the equivalent variable wattage vape. Consequently, it saves power and ultimately the overall lifetime of the battery.
  4. Vape consistency: By having control over the temperature your coils can rise to, the vape will be consistent from puff to puff, and even within one puff.In a typical wattage of an ordinary vape, the hits are inconsistent as the temperature of the coil varies depending on the hit prolongation.

5. Complicated preparation works: Generally speaking, temperature control might require some trial and error and a bit of tweaking here and there. You should select a correct coil and tank at least.

6. Limited to coil materials: Kanthal is the most common coil metal in mod vaping and Ni80 is making a push lately. While stainless steel is still popular, the majority of tanks don’t come with TC-ready coils. If you want to vape in TC, and you are not interested in building your own coils, that is to say, your choices are limited.

Final Thoughts

Apparently TC mode brings vapers so many conveniences as well as inconveniences, the conveniences are benefiting our device and good for our vaping experience, the inconveniences are the fussy preparations and selections. Nevertheless, the inconveniences can be solved easily - practice makes perfect, as long as the pre-works and procedures are engraved to your mind, you can enjoy the ultra conveniences that the TC vaping brings!

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