Guide to stealth vaping - what is it and how to stealth vaping?

Most vapers are fond of chasing big clouds and having fun with them, however, there is an opposite situation to the cloud chasers - stealth vaping, which aims to create a “zero vapour vaping” method. Hence some people jokingly say that stealth vaping is the act of ninja vaping. Stealth vaping often occurs when you desperately want a nicotine fix but do not want to be seen. Therefore, stealth vaping is the act of vaping in a rather discreet manner, and “ninja vaping” refers to the same thing, you’ll have to be dedicated to your goal, always be careful to keep out of sight, and act at the best moment.

What is stealth vaping?

As I mentioned above, stealth vaping is the act of vaping in a rather discreet manner. To be a senior stealth vaper, sometimes you’ll have to be like an experienced ninja, vaping without casting any vapour and vanishing without leaving a trace. Generally speaking, stealth vaping is often realized via a small vape device with high PG e-liquid that produces neglectable vapour. Therefore, if you want to have a flawless stealth vaping experience, you’d better use a small and concealable vape device with low wattage and a high PG e-liquid, well begun is half done, you know that.

Essentially, stealth vaping is used to describe multiple methods that vapers use to minimise the visibility of e-cigarettes and vapour, it mainly happens when vaping indoors. What’s more, stealth vaping is often used when you do not want to be seen vaping outdoors or in some public places. Though stealth vaping can be an effective way to evade unnecessarily strict vaping rules, sometimes you’ll have to avoid stealth vaping. For example, on planes or on trains, since the use of electronic cigarettes has been banned on trains, buses, Tubes and stations across London by Transport for London (TfL), with passengers caught ‘vaping’ potentially facing a fine.

How to stealth vaping?

Well begun is half done. If you plan to start your stealth vaping journey, you should pick up a palm-sized and portable vape device which has a relatively lower output and delivers a tight MTL vaping experience. And a high PG nic salt e-liquid is necessary, as well. However, some vapers may ask “can sub-ohm vape kits do stealth vaping?”, the answer is complicated, to be honest. Since most of the sub-ohm vape kits come in hulky size which is not suitable for concealing in your palm, and the sub-ohm vape kits often use high VG e-liquid at high wattage which means there will be big fluffy clouds coming out from the sub-ohm vape kits, consequently, it is hard to do stealth vaping with a sub-ohm vape kit.

If you have a compact and solid pod vape kit and a high PG nic salt e-liquid, then stealth vaping can be simple and useful.

  • Firstly, grab a suitable vape device. A compact pod vape kit or a disposable vape is far enough. There are many different forms and shapes for the pod vape kits and disposable vapes in the vape shop, they can be like lipstick, a USB driver, or a colourful crayon, the shape doesn’t matter as long as they are compact to carry and suitable for concealing. In my own experience, the smaller device comes with less vapour.
  • Secondly, conceal your vape device on your palm and cover the LED lights with your fingers. Whether you’re using an open pod system or a disposable vape, there may be an LED light indicator sitting on the device. Hence if you do not want to get unwanted attention, go cover the light!
  • Thirdly, take short, sharp, and shock puffs, making sure the vapour leaves in your lungs a little longer, then put your upper lip on your lower lip and let the vapour flow out from the tiny hole. A short and prompt inhale can be very effective in making “zero vapour vaping”, so this is the most important part of stealth vaping!

Last but not least, stealth vaping is making vapour discreet not invisible, therefore, if you find that your vapour is still distinct, worry not, practice makes perfect. As time goes by, you’ll find that the vapour you create via stealth vaping is getting more discreet till it is hardly visible, then congratulations! You’ve mastered this skill.


Why stealth vaping?

Most citizens are not aware that vaping is much less harmful than smoking, so they regard vaping as harmful as smoking. Consequently, what we can do to ourselves is to stealth vaping - not be seen vaping in the public.

What’s more, stealth vaping can help you vape at some “no smoking/vaping areas” such as working places. Imagine you’ve already stayed in the office for a long time and desperately want some nicotine, now stealth vaping comes in handy, simply take some short puffs and you will be satisfied quickly and silently.

Where is not allowed stealth vaping?

As I mentioned above, the use of electronic cigarettes has been banned on trains, buses, Tubes and stations across London by Transport for London, with passengers caught ‘vaping’ potentially facing a fine. Besides public transport, it is not allowed/recommended to vape/stealth vaping where:

  • Around pregnant women;
  • Around children and babies;
  • At school;
  • At hospital properties;
  • At workplace;

Though stealth vaping already minimizes vapour production, the above occasions are not allowed/recommended to vape even if you’re trying to do stealth vaping. Social impact is also important, let’s keep a good image in crowds’ minds as responsible vapers!

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