5 Ways to be an eco-friendly vaper

“In addition, global warming also makes the Antarctic ice begin to melt, causing sea levels to rise, the use area to narrow, humans cannot survive, and massive death of animals and plants.” Global warming is no longer a new concept in our society though, as an experienced vaper, every time when I read the related articles or news, I can’t help myself thinking about what can we do for our environment to make it a better place. As we begin to realize the countless damages human beings have caused to the earth, it is essential for us to become sustainable and more eco-friendly. As a vaper, let’s see what can do to be more eco-friendly.

Reduce the use of disposable vape and use an open-system vape kit

Disposable vapes are well-known and popular closed-system vapes among vapers, therefore, disposable vapes are designed to be used once, you should properly dispose of them until the e-liquid runs out, or the battery is depleted. They cannot be recharged or refilled with e-liquid and you cannot change the vape coils. In order to bring an ultimately convenient vaping experience to vapers, disposable vapes come into being. They are great for a night out, holidays or in an emergency as a backup, also suitable for new vapers trying vaping for the first time.

However, great convenience comes at a great cost. Disposable vapes are all built-in, nothing can be removed or replaced, this means they can be difficult to recycle. The plastic, the battery, and the e-liquid are harmful to the soil and animals. Though there are more and more recyclable disposable vapes surging into the market, the problem still remains.

Consequently, using an open-system vape kit is important for us to be more eco-friendly. Open-system here means the vape kit has a refillable tank and rechargeable battery. A good open-system vape kit can work a long time, you will just need to refill the tank and charge the battery from time to time. Therefore, using a solid reusable vape kit can greatly reduce waste.

Recycle your wasted batteries

You can not recycle every part of a vape device that’s for sure, but there is one part that can be recycled for sure - the battery. There are two types of vaping batteries - internal ones and external ones, these external ones tend to be 18650 or 21700 batteries. The other internal batteries cannot be taken out without completely dismantling your vape.

All batteries have a life span and will need to be replaced at some point. When the time comes, you can recycle them. The external batteries like 18650 or 21700 batteries, can be disposed of in any battery bin where you can find in supermarkets and recycling centres.

Choose large bottles of e-liquid

As we know, most e-liquids are mixed with nicotine, PG, VG, and flavourings, therefore, it is complex to recycle an empty e-liquid bottle because the leftover in the bottle is harmful to the soil, water, and animals. Hence we recommend vapers purchase e-liquid with high volume, this will do a little to help on reducing plastic waste. Well, e-liquid bottles also can be fully recycled as long as you clean them properly and dilute the leftover in the bottle. It’s worth mentioning that some e-liquids with a large amount of flavouring have more sugar content which will kill coil much faster than simple flavours.

Reuse and share your e-liquids

Many advanced vapers like me must have more than 2 big bottles of e-liquids, they are packed in 60ml or 120ml bottles. A solid fact is that your taste can change. You can enjoy a flavour for a few weeks and dislike it in the next day. It happens to me at least. Hence there probably be half bottle of shortfill e-liquids that you’re probably no longer interested in. But what will you do to the e-liquids that you’re no longer interested in? Toss them away or empty them down? Wrong, you can share the e-liquids with your friends or anyone who is interested! Sharing is saving! There is also another way - you can try to mix the e-liquid with another flavour, which might surprise you and you will enjoy it once you find the joy of mixing!

Buy vape products from local shops or UK online shops

There is no doubt that buying vape products from a near vape shop can save a lot of time and resources. Buying your vape locally would help cut down air shipping and reduce emissions of carbon. Though most vaping hardware is not made in the UK, you can make a deliberate choice on picking up a high-quality vape kit so that it will work for a long time and you do not have to change the hardware often.

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