How to clean my vape tank and coil?

It seems that you have already made a progressive switch to advanced open-system vape kits since the components in the open-system vape kits are replaceable and can be maintained and cleaned to achieve a long and happy vaping experience.

As we know, the ingredients of vape juice will generally not stain the equipment, but residue will pile up, such as the dark and greasy gunk on the coil, the buildup will ultimately affect the performance of the atomizer and your vaping experience, the straightforward results are that you may experience a tasteless flavour or a bitter burnt taste. But what is the chief culprit for gunking up the coil? It is the thick VG(Vegetable Glycerin), sweeteners and dark flavourings in the e-liquid that can gunk up the coils. Therefore, regularly maintaining and cleaning your vape tank and coil not only can improve your vaping experience but also get a longer lifespan for your equipment and save you money in the long-term of use.

How to clean my vape tank?


Generally speaking, a vape tank is integrated with several precision parts including coil, deck, tube, and other pieces. So before you disassemble a vape tank, pay close attention to how things fit together, and remember what goes where. You’d better put all the pieces together in a container in case missing any pieces. Practice makes perfect, once you have mastered the disassembling and putting them back together, you will be much more efficient in further vape tank maintaining and cleaning. Here are some common ways to clean a vape tank:

Rinse your vape tank with running water

This is the easiest way to clean a vape tank - of course for relatively new tanks. After disassembling the tank, you can pick up the pieces and put them under running water to rinse one by one. And then you can dry them with a piece of paper towel. Let them air dry until no water is visible. For relatively new vape tanks, this method can properly clean them and make them return to the best performance.

Soak your vape tank in hot water

If your vape tank is battle-tested and hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, this method may help clean it. Firstly, you should prepare a bowl of hot water and put the parts of the vape tank in the hot water after you disassemble it. Please pay attention! Don’t put the O-ring into the hot water or it may be damaged by the heat since it is made of rubber. You can take them out when the water cools down and wipe them dry with tissue or towel. Hot water can efficiently clean your vape tank and wipe most of the stains off it.

Use PG to clean your vape tank

PG is the acronym for propylene glycol which is an indispensable ingredient in the e-liquid, and propylene glycol is an excellent flavour carrier, so if there is much flavour leftover in your tank, you can disassemble your vape tank and put the parts in the PG e-liquid, and then let the PG soak the tank. Once the tank is fully soaked with PG, you can wear gloves and take the parts out of the PG, and then wipe the tank dry.

Use cleaning agent to clean your vape tank

It is much similar operation except for the cleaning agent is different. If you want to get a even better result, the following cleaning agents which can be easily found at home can help a lot:

  • Soda is a good cleaning agent that can make your tanks shining again;
  • Ethanol(grain alcohol) is highly effective for cleaning;
  • Vinegar is a highly acidic cleaning agent but it smells not good so you’ll have to fully rinse the tank after you soak it in vinegar;

How to clean your vape coil?


There are mainly 2 types of vape coils that need to be cleaned or maintained - replaceable coils and rebuildable coils. These 2 types of vape coils are cleaned in different ways.

Clean replaceable coils

Replaceable coils are commonly used in sub-ohm vape tanks and they are integrated with wicks, however, the presence of wicks in the replaceable coils makes them hard to be completely cleaned. Of course you can rinse the coil with running water but it will not remove all the residue. So you can use the following cleaning agent and soaking method:

  • Soak your coil into soda, ethanol or vinegar for 2 hours or so, most residue will come off the coil;
  • Rinse the coil under running water till the cleaning agent is cleaned;
  • Wipe the coil dry with tissue;
  • Blow the air through the airholes of the coil to let the water or residue out, you can also use a hair dryer to speed up the process;
  • Air dry the coil till the water is completely dry;

Clean rebuildable coils

Rebuildable coils are different from replaceable coils since you’ll have to install the wicks and coils on the deck yourself, and rebuildable coils need to be cleaned often. The first thing you have to do is remove the wicks(cotton) from the coils and then push the fire button a few times until the remaining liquid is evaporated, after that you should wait for the coil to cool down and put the wicks back or replace a new wick if the old one is in bad condition.

  • Firstly, remove wicks from coils;
  • Dryburn your coils lightly;
  • Remove atomizer from your mod;
  • Place the atomizerunder running water;
  • Brush lightly with a cleaning tool;
  • Rinse once again;
  • Dry burnthe coil to remove the last drop of water;
  • Re-wick or change a new wick;


Regularly maintaining your vape tanks and vape coils is vital to get an enjoyable and consistent vaping experience, a clean vape is a happy vape. What’s more, regularly maintaining your vape tanks and vape coils can not only help you learn more about vaping knowledge but also save you money in long-term use.

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