Which Vape Will You Choose: Disposables Vs Pod Systems

If you are searching for starter kits in the vaping market, it is not hard to find out that both disposable vapes and pod kits are perfect for first-time switchers and beginners after looking through the features of each. But which one is better for your first purchase? you may consider for a while.

To help you clear it out, this post is written about the pros and cons of disposables and pod systems by comparison to their appearances, performance, maintenance, costs, flavour options, nicotine strength, chances of trying new brands, and influence on the environment. Read on to get it now.

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  • What are disposables and pod system vapes?
  • Comparisons between disposable devices and pod kits

What are disposables and pod system vapes?

Disposable vapes are all-in-one devices that come with prefilled e-liquid and pre-charged built-in batteries. Once you get it in hand, just puff on it, then your vaping is on. Usually, it is designed with a sleek and compact appearance, which can be easy to carry out and take as a backup when on the go. Some may be rechargeable if their puffs are labeled with a greater number like 2000 puffs. It offers an MTL(Mouth to Lung) vape, which mimics the feeling of smoking.

Pod systems vapes are constructed with a removable and refillable e-liquid pod and a battery part. It possesses some functions of neat and small appearance, recharging, MTL vape, and inhale activation, same as disposable vapes. Some pod vape systems are allowed to deliver a DTL(Direct to Lung) vape style, which produces cloud vapour. By present contrast, it is like an advanced version of disposables.

Comparisons between disposable devices and pod kits

To further explore the benefits and drawbacks of both two kits, let’s elaborate on them from the six aspects below.

1. Performance and maintenance

To use a disposable vape, what you need to do is just draw it to fire up. Once you run it out, you just replace it with a new device. Because of its limited e-liquid capacity, it is often paired with a lower power out and shorter battery life. All disposable vapes can create a small amount of vapour, offering stealthy vaping, which is the so-called MTL(Mouth to Lung) vape.

Different from disposables, pod systems feature higher power and are usually not ready to use out of the box and it requires a little setup. First, you need to fill the pod with e-juice and charge the battery if necessary. Then you can start your vaping journey. Once you use our vape juice, you should refill the pod, and sometimes you’d better change the coil inside to avoid a bad impact on flavours.

Some pods kit may come with a prefilled pod and it means you don’t need to do the fussy job like e-juice refilling and coil changing, you just get a new prefilled pod for another vaping. In general, with the right coils and wattage, pod systems can provide you with both MTL and DTL vape styles. This point is more shining than disposables.

2. Price

Disposables are more affordable than pod systems. For instance, you can buy an Elf Bar for only 3.99 pounds, while you should pay 12.99 pounds for a Geekvape

However, vaping is not a thing that is only for one time. Think from the long run, the cost of disposables would be more expensive than pod systems, the latter can be refillable and its expense on the device is just a begging expense, the following costs on coils and e-liquid in total is far lower than a constantly replacing disposables.

3. Flavour options

As we mentioned before, the e-liquid of disposables is stored inside beforehand. The flavour selections are limited to the exact disposable vape brand. Thanks to the popularity of disposables, many manufacturers focus on the diversity of flavours. So, if you can find a favourite taste in this certain range, it is also adorable.

Most pod system vapes demand you fill in e-liquid before starting vaping. That means that you should additionally purchase a bottom of vape juice for refilling. Obviously, there is an extremely wide range of flavours from various e-liquid brands for you to choose from.

4. Control over nicotine strength

Nicotine is one component of e-juice. In contrast to smoking, the nicotine content in e-liquid can vary. If you are aiming to get away from nicotine addiction, you’d better choose a vape kit that allows you to cut back on the nicotine dosage step by step.


Disposables generally contains 20mg(2%), 10mg(1%) and 0mg(0 nicotine) nicotine strength in e-liquid. If you can manage to get rid of nicotine addiction through those products, it deserves a thumbs-up.

But actually, few people can make it that way. They usually try a wider range of nicotine levels of vape juice by refillable devices. At this time, pod vape systems win the prize. To get different nicotine content of e-juice, you can pick from the e-liquid collections or DIY your own vape juice with nicotine shots and shortfill liquid.

5. Possibilities to try a new brand’s kits

Due to the durable pod systems, it is fewer chances to buy a new kit from another brand. You may devote yourself to several brands. Instead, disposable is the fastest-changing device so you are likely to experience numerous vape brands.

6. Influence on environment

How do you handle your vape kits after finishing them? Can they be recycled? Both disposables and pod systems can be recycled after properly dismantling them. The cotton and plastic can be placed in recycling bins. The batteries should only be withdrawn by a recycling center or a supermarket nearby.

Disposable kits are less environment-friendly than pod devices for their huger amounts of production. Speaking of disassembly, disposable’s work is more difficult than pod system vapes.

Bottom Line

Have you acquired a clearer profile of disposables and pod systems after reading? Before vaping, it is vital for you to pick a suitable kit. If you need any help quitting smoking, at New Vaping, we are always here for your inquiry.

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