How to Prime a Coil

When you continue to use your vaporizer, you will notice a drop in vapor production and a less strong taste. After a week or two, you'll notice a burnt taste, meaning that your atomizer coil needs to be replaced. Although some people simply fill the tank, screw on the new coil, and start vaping, it is strongly advised that you prime the new coil first. This will enhance the taste of the e-juice and help you get the most out of your vaping experience.

Priming an atomizer coil basically involves pre-saturating the wicking material with e-liquid before using it for the first time. This moisture prevents overheating and burning of the wicking material. It also helps the wick to absorb and deliver e-liquid from the tank in a more smooth and uniform manner.

Instructions on how to prime an atomizer coil:

Priming an atomizer coil is very easy, simply follow these steps below:

  • Step 1: attach the new atomizer coil

After you've gotten rid of the old coil, replace it with the new one. This will give you something to hold onto while you're filling the coil with e-juice. It also prevents e-liquid from getting on your fingers, as screwing it on after the wick has been saturated can result in e-liquid getting on your fingers.

  • Step 2: saturate the wicking material

Locate the juice holes on the body of the atomizer head, where the wick makes contact with the e-liquid, as the next step in priming the clearomizer coil. Some coils have the cotton protruding from the openings, while others have the wick hidden behind them. The wicking material would be exposed and clear in any case. To evenly saturate the wick, drop one single drop of e-juice into each of the holes.

After that, soak the cotton in e-juice. The amount of e-juice needed to adequately saturate the wicks will vary depending on the atomizer coil you're using. Smaller atomizer coils, such as the Aspire Nautilus, would only need a drop or two of e-liquid to do this, while the much larger heads used in tanks will need much more. You'll know you've applied enough e-juice when the cotton stops absorbing it right away. However, don't over-saturate, as this can result in flooding and liquid getting into your mouth. Remember, your aim is to saturate the cotton, not to drench the coil.

  • Step 3: take some dry hits

Connect the tank to your battery after you've filled and reassembled it. Taking 4–5 dry hits is the next step in priming your coil. A dry hit is simply taking a drag without pressing the battery's fire button. Simply tighten the airflow valve (if your tank has one), cover the air intake holes with your side, and drag four or five times as usual. You'll be able to syphon e-juice from the tank into the cotton by doing so. Take care to not take too many deep or powerful hits, or more than five, as this can cause the coil to flood.

  • Step 4: break-in the coil

While saturating the wicking material is the most important aspect of priming a coil, properly break in the new wire is also important. Since the wire stretches when heated and contracts when cooled, it's a good idea to split it in gradually. To do so, begin with a lower wattage on the new coil than normal. You can gradually increase the wattage after a few hits before you reach your usual power environment. It also helps if you take shorter hits for the first ten drags so that the wire doesn't get too hot. This gradual increase in wattage and puff time would ensure that the coil and cotton are properly primed.

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