If you are new to vaping, there are some terms that you see but they appear strange to you. The throat hit is one term that floats among the vaping community. The term throat hit describes a phenomenon that the majority of vapers crave for. But what exactly is throat hit and why is it something most vapers crave for?

The term throat hit simply refers to the sensation vapers feel at the back of their throat when they inhale from any vaping device. A throat hit differs completely from a lung hit. A lung hit involves direct vapour delivery to the lungs as you inhale (DLT). A throat hit is closely similar to a mouth to lung (MLT) process. The sensation experienced can vary from a smooth and satisfying feeling to an irritating, cough-inducing one. It all depends on the vaper's personal preference and experience. Several variables play key roles in the quality of the hit. Variables such as the type of device, nicotine level and concentration, type of flavour, VG/PG ratio, and the type of coil key into the strength of the hit. On the whole, vapers are able to customize the strength of the throat hit to meet match their taste.

What Does it Feel Like?

There are two types of throat hits.

  • Strong throat hit
  • Weak throat hit

A strong throat hit refers to the instantaneous delivery of vapour to the back of your throat as soon as vapour enters your airways. On the other hand, a weak throat hit happens at a slower pace, leading to what vapers refer to as a smooth hit.

Vapers who transitioned from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vapes tend to prefer strong throat hits as opposed to weak throat hits. This is because they get the same feel as smoking regular tobacco cigarettes, which is something they wish to retain excluding the adverse effects of tobacco cigarettes.

Achieving a Perfect Throat Hit

Most vapers seek to achieve a successful throat hit whenever they are vaping. However, the question does not stop at successfully achieving a throat hit. The majority of vapers seek to achieve a throat hit that matches their preferences and this amounts to the perfect throat hit. Several methods exist that grant vapers the ability to tweak their throat hit to their personal preferences. These methods include:

  • Altering nicotine level and concentration
  • Altering airflow setting
  • Altering VG/PG ratio
  • Altering power setting
  • Trying out different flavours

Avoiding Throat Hits

If you are one of those vapers who are not interested in experiencing throat hits, your first line of action is to lower your nicotine concentration. If you tend on following this path, it is essential that you use a device with a higher power. Another method is to purchase e-juices with relatively high Ph levels. Similarly, you can opt for flavours that alter the pH level of your e-juice. An e-juice with high a pH level will not produce any noticeable sensation at the back of your throat.

Overall, whether you are interested in experiencing a throat hit or not, sacrificing device quality is a step in the wrong direction. Always purchase your products from a trusted brand so as to enjoy the vaping experience to the fullest.

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