Mechanical Mods

As a vaper interested in cloud-chasing alongside vape tricks, the term mechanical mods or mech mods should not sound strange to you. Yet, there are some vapers out there who do now know about mechanical mods. If you are among those left in the dark as it pertains to the working principle of mechanical mods, getting a grasp of the concept might prove quite tasking. However, an insight into how it works will surely help you grow.

A mechanical mod is a device that supplies battery power directly to an atomizer. The mod comes with a tube or box housing, a battery, and an atomizer. The housing serves as protection for the battery unit and the most popular atomizer used is the Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA).

mechanical mods

How do Mech Mods Work?

Mechanical mods are the epitome of design brevity. These basic vape devices only perform minimal functions making them one of the easiest to use vape devices on the planet.

The mod's design is such that the battery connects to the top and bottom cap of the housing. The top cap acts as the positive interface while the bottom cap acts as the negative interface. Flipping the switch engages the mod as the bottom cap comes into contact with the battery. This allows current to flow through the coil. The current flowing in the coil generates heat, which vaporizes the e-juice in the atomizer.

Mechanical mods do not come with any safety features. Once you flip the switch, the battery generates a current that flows through the coil. However, the current produces depends on the resistance of the coil.

In addition, the power level, which the mod operates, is strictly dependent on the coil's resistance. In contrast to other types of devices, mechanical mods do not come equipped with any form of wattage adjustment feature.

Unregulated and Regulated Mech Mods

The difference between mech mods and mods available at local retail outlets is that mech mods are unregulated mods while those sold locally are regulated mods.

Regulated mods are mods that carry a circuit chip between the battery and the coil. These chips help to detect issues before they occur, shutting down the mod in the process. Unregulated mods do not carry such safety features.

With unregulated mods, you can easily customize the mod with custom RDAs and battery units. Regulated mods on the other hand do not allow for such intricacies.

Are Mech Mods Dangerous?

Although this question is somewhat straightforward, the answer to it is quite daunting. For starters, mechanical mods are not dangerous if you possess a good understanding of Ohm's law. Since mech mods do not possess any onboard system to alert you of potential failure, your knowledge of Ohm's law will come in handy to keep the device from fully defecting. Overall, if you understand the current drain from your battery, you do not have to worry about anything else.

However, if you are new to vaping and you do not have a fine knowledge of Ohm's law, then mechanical mods can be dangerous.

It is advisable for new vapers to stick to regulated mods since they carry safety chips. If you are a first-time vaper, you can visit any local retail outlet and get yourself a high-quality vape mod.

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