Pod Kits

If you're just starting to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping, you've probably heard of pod kits and its numerous advantages.

Beginners choose pod vaping systems because they are unobtrusive, pocket-friendly, and simple to use, while also providing the familiar feel of a comparable action to smoking. Pod vape systems are classified into two types: pre-filled pods and refillable pods.

Which is the better choice? We consider it here.

What are Pod Systems?

A pod kit, as the name implies, comprises pods holding E-Liquid that are easily clicked into your vape device. These are ideal for novices since everything you need is included inside the pods and device itself, eliminating the need for extra tanks, wicks, or coils.

As previously stated, there are two sorts of pod systems: those that use pre-filled pods and those that use refillable pods. The two systems are also known as closed systems and open systems, respectively.

  • Pre-filled pods are pre-filled with E-Liquid; simply insert the cartridges into your device and remove them when completed. They are not refillable.

  • Refillable pods may be manually replenished with your preferred E-Liquid. Typically, you will need to unscrew the cap of the pods and insert your new liquid with a dropper.

The Benefits of Pre-Filled Pods

Closed pod vape systems provide the ease and convenience of smoking, making the transition to vaping easier and assisting you in quitting cigarettes for good.

Without the need to manually replenish E-Liquids (which some may find more bothersome), you can just insert your preferred pod into the device and begin vaping immediately.

This also implies that pre-filled pods require less upkeep. With no additional coils, wicks, or liquids to worry about, you simply need to replace the E-Liquid cartridge when it runs out. With pre-filled pods, you are also less likely to have leakage.

All of these benefits make closed pod vape kits ideal for those just entering the vaping world!

The Benefits of Refillable Pods

The main advantage of using refillable pods is that you will have access to a larger choice of E-Liquid strengths and flavors because you will no longer have to rely on pre-filled pods that are compatible with your vape device. This increased degree of customization also allows you to employ short-fills and nic shots for a less expensive vaping experience, as well as have greater control over nicotine dosages.

Because these pods are reusable, open systems are typically significantly less expensive - you will just need to purchase the bottled E-Liquid rather than fresh extra pods each time.

Ultimately, the best type of vape for you will be determined by personal choice and what you desire from a vape. If you want the simplest experience possible, pre-filled pods are the way to go; but, if you want more E-Liquids with complex flavor profiles, refillable pods are the way to go!

Whatever path you choose, you may explore our selection of vape kits, E-Liquids, and nic salts in the UK to discover the best value for you.

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