Tips For Clean Your Vape Tanks and Coils

A clean and shiny device offers a more enjoyable vaping experience. After a long time use, your device might get gunky and dirty. One coil needs to replace after used for a couple of weeks to a few months dependant on quality, usage etc. You should keep the tank and coil clean because they are used to store your favourite vape juice. That’s not a difficult thing to do but it can definitely upgrade performance to a higher level.

Why Vape Getting Dirty

A clean and well-maintained coil is a good way to get stable performance and get the maximum flavour on every hit. The residue of vape juice will make your device dirty and even affect the performance. The flavour of the last e-juice you used still lingers in your device so that flavour will be ruined. E-juice may be one of the reasons for the unclean coil, but the new atomizer and tank are also likely to have some issues of off-odour or poor performance. The off-taste may come from the machine oil that is used during the producing process and must be clean out from your device.

How To Know When Your Vape Needs Cleaning

You will likely notice signs of sticky buildup. And if you don’t, your device may run into trouble delivering vapour due to clogged pathway. At this stage, you will notice that you need to pull harder before your device gives a small vapour effect.

How To Clean A Vape Tank

Step 1: Empty the tank

Firstly, dismembering your vape device into pieces so that you can clean and dry every component easily. Take the atomizer head apart and don’t soak it. Carefully remove the rings, which should be noticed that some tanks including two or three o rings.

Step 2: Clean the e-liquid remaining in the tank

For thosed who frequently change new flavors, it is recomended to buy two tanks and use them in turn. It is important to clean the remaining liquid in the tank, so as to ensure the pure taste of the new e-liquid. 

• Warm Water Technique

Warm water is helpful to clean residual e-juice and remove the machine oil in the tank. It is suggested to regularly clean the vape tank for every couple of days. Holding the tank under a warm running faucet for 15 - 20 seconds that is enough to rinse away the remaining vape juice.

• Cleaner Technique

Some residue inside the tank cannot be easily rinsed away by the warm water. It is necessary to use vodka, distilled water or rubbing alcohol with cleaner. Put all of the parts of the tank that is needed to clean in the cleaner and make sure they are fully soaked within the solvent. Close the lid of the cleaner, and get the cleaner run that for about 480 seconds and then remove the tank from the cleaner and dry with tissues.

Step 3: Get the tank dry

It is crucial to make sure that the tank is completely dry before using it for the reason of the electric device. Soak up the remaining watery and dry the tank with tissues if vodka or rubbing alcohol is used, and then get the vape tank air-dry for about 7 to 9 minutes before fill in new vape juice and reassemble the device.

How To Clean A Vape Coil

The best-shape coil is a key point to deliver awesome flavour and clouds of vapour, so it is better to keep the vaping as clean as possible for an enjoyable experience. Vape coil is likely to collect gunk a few days later, which will have a negative impact on taste and flavor. Regularly clean your coil is needed to keep it working well with your device. Different types of coils use different cleaning methods.

  • Cleaning Re-buildable coils

If the coil is not that terrible, a quick-dry burn will work to whip them back to shape. The first you need to do is to remove the wick from the coil. Removing all the gunk and residue liquids by pressing the fire button a few times until the liquid is drained. Get the device cool down and then re-wick the coil back.

If deep cleaning is needed, following these tricks:

1.Remove the wick from coils.

2.Slightly dry burn the coils.

3.Set the atomizer apart from the device.

4.Place the atomizer under running water.

5.Slightly brush it a toothbrush.

6.Rinse it one more time and then keep it fully dry.

7.Re-wick and reassemble the coil.

  • Cleaning Replaceable Coils

Replaceable coils are fitted sub-ohm tanks and clearomizers. Keep the coil cleaning is able to extend its life and performance. It is not simple to clean like the rebuildable coils. Water cannot fully clean the coil and takes a longer time to evaporate.

If your replaceable coil needs to clean, here are the steps:

1.Soak the coil in vinegar or ethanol for one night to remove some residues.

2.Hold it in hand under running water.

3.Rinse it with the distilled water

4.Blow air into to coil for the water to go into the wicking holes on the open side of the coil.

5.Put the coil aside until the water has evaporated.

In Conclusion

Regularly clean the tank and coil is an important part of vaping. We suggest you clean every 2-3 weeks or whenever you change the juice. Hope these tips will help you to keep a shiny device. Do you have any tips on clean them? We love to hear in comments!

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