Why Your Vape Tastes Burn and How to Fix it?

Almost vapers have had that moment: Pleasantly fire up your beloved device, fill in your favourite vape juice, and can't wait to taste the first refreshing sweetness. Unfortunately, you have been choked on an overwhelmingly hot and repulsive burnt taste. This issue is more likely to happen on beginner as well as seasonal vapers. Don’t worry! It is quite easy to solve this problem!

What causes a burnt hit?

You vape tastes burnt because the wick inside the atomizer coil has not enough e-liquid so that it is burned up when heated. The wick is responsible for soaking up the vape juice from the tank. The wick holds onto the vape juice before producing the excellent clouds. The coil will burn the wick if it is lack of vape juice to fully saturated wick before you take a hit.  That accounts for the awful burnt taste in your mouth, known as “dry hit”. There are some of the most possible reasons for burnt hits:

Running low on vape juice

Your coil could be damaged if you squeeze every last drop of e-liquid out of the tank before refilling it. It’s important to have enough vape juice in your tank and refill it in time. If the device runs low on e-liquid and without sufficient vape juice to absorb, wick, it is possible to end up with a burnt hit. It is suggested to leave vape juice at not least than one-quarter full of the tank.

Chain vaping

This is the most common cause of burn hits. Taking too many hits in a row without pauses in between, the wick doesn’t enough time to soak up the vape juice. The vape coils could be quickly dry up and lead to burn hit.

Not priming your coils properly

Before using a new coil, you have to properly prime your coil by fully saturating the wick with vape juice. The wick is made of dry cotton, it is likely to end up with a burnt taste if you don’t prime it properly.

Wattage too high

Every vape has its own recommended wattage range, and exceeding power vaping can spoil your coil head and vaporise the e-liquid quickly, leading to burning the wick that causes a burnt taste.

How to prevent burnt hits?

There are four tips to help you to get rid of the burn taste:

Keep your e-liquid at a reasonable level

One simple ticket to prevent burn hit is to keep your tank always topped up to one quarter of the full tank capacity, making sure the input holes in covered on. Whenever you want to something new, clean the residue of the last vaping juice and fill in with the new e-liquid. 

Properly prime your coil

Priming a new coil is a quite easy task but an essential step to get vaping started:

1.Soaked the wick by dripping a few drops of vape juice through the wicking holes. 

2.Leave the coil to rest for about 10 minutes.

3.Screw the coil and assemble the tank

4.Fill in the tank with your favourite vape juice

5.Inhale a couple of times to make the liquid flow (without activated)

A refillable kit with a replaceable coil makes it even easier, simply filling the device with vape juice, leaving the vape to soak with the juice about 10 minutes and then inhale a couple of times to make the liquid flow.

Vape at recommended wattage

It is better to vape at the recommended wattage range to maintain your vaping device and keep it in top condition if your device comes with variable voltage or wattage. Check out the wattage information on your device packaging, which is generally printed on the side of the coil. It is recommended to upgrade vape tank to one with a higher maximum wattage if you pursuit vaping at high intensity.

Stop Chain Vaping

Vapes are treated like cigarettes by some beginners and ex-smokers who take frequent short puffs. It is suggested to leave 15 to 20 seconds between every hit. If you want to soothe a nicotine craving by vaping, e-liquids with a higher strength of nicotine is a perfect choice.

In Summary

Hopefully this article has clearly explained the reasons for burning tastes, guided you to prevent dry hits and burnt hits. If you have any questions about vaping, leave it in the comment, we love to help you!

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