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Falling in love with the lord is the greatest romance; searching him, the greatest adventure; finding him, the greatest achievement; and being with him, the greatest source of happiness. Easter is an annual festival in the UK! Every Year in April, various Easter activities are held in the UK. You must have seen the egg decorations on the doorsteps of British houses, and the exquisite gift boxes of chocolate bunnies in supermarkets. But what are the reasons and customs behind Easter? Take a brief look!

According to the Bible, Jesus, the son of God, was born in a manger. At the age of thirty, he selected 12 students and began preaching. During the three and a half years of his ministry, he healed, preached, drove out demons, helped all kinds of people in need, and preached the message of the kingdom of Heaven. Until god arranged the time, Jesus Christ was betrayed by the disciple Judas, then Jesus was captured, interrogated, crucified by the Roman soldiers, before his death, he had predicted that he would rise again after three days. Sure enough, on the third day, Jesus rose again! According to the Bible, Jesus Christ was the incarnate son of the Word. Although he was crucified like a criminal, his death was not because he sinned, but to atone for the world according to God's plan.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ represented that he had successfully completed the "task" arranged by God, successfully atoned for the world and conquered death. So now Christians believe in Jesus and believe that if they confess to him, they will be forgiven by God.

Easter Vape Deal at NewVaping

Here we stand, to celebrate the Easter and thank to our dear clients, just like what we've been doing all along, NewVaping has always rewarded our valued customers with outstanding offers on a huge range of fantastic products during our Easter UK Vape Deal event (2022/4/15-2022/4/24 BST).

We prepared a various range of vape products at super favourable prices for the Easter vape deal. In consideration of the growing popularity of disposable vape, the Easter Disposable Sale offers the best disposable vapes from well-known vape brands including but not limited to Geek Bar, MOTI PIIN, Dinner Lady, IVG Bar, and VOOPOO. For the Easter Hardware Sale, there are a bunch of durable vape kits and accessories including mod kits, tanks, batteries, and battery chargers. To cater every vaper’s tongue, Easter E-liquid Sale includes top e-liquid brands and their best flavours, to name a few: Dinner Lady, Riot Squad, Doozy Vape Co, Billiards, and Vampire Vape. We almost get everything covered for our valued customers on Easter Vape Deal.

We stand up for vape and value our customers via helping smokers make a switch to vaping

At NewVaping, we only provide high quality TPD Compliant vape products for our customers. However, we do not recommend those non-smokers to vape or get in touch with nicotine products, especially those under ages. Hence you must be of legal age to get vape products. We help the new vapers to start their vaping journey via our guides, reviews, and latest news, and you are always welcomed to consult us if you have any concern about vapes!

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