Is the Uwell Caliburn Pod System a Good Fit for You? 

Are you looking for the best vaping device to suit your needs? We all have different preferences for our ideal vaping experience. As a beginner, you may want something easy to use and adapt to. As an experienced user, you probably want to explore different flavors and vapor production. Well, the Uwell Caliburn pod system is the ultimate one-in-all device for all needs.  

The Uwell Caliburn pod system designs with all the essential features in mind. Here’s a quick rundown of the specs:

  • 520mAh Built-in battery
  • 10ml e-juice capacity
  • LED battery indicator
  • Aluminum alloy material
  • Magnetic connection design allowing for easy pod installation
  • Dimensions: 110mm x 21.2mm x 11.6mm

The Caliburn pod system is the first pod vape kit from Uwell, and we’re impressed. Here are the essential features it provides.



Air pressure sensor- no buttons needed


This vape pod allows for a varied smoking experience. It contains an air pressure system that allows users to vape directly without pressing any buttons. Once it’s unlocked, simply drawing will activate the system. You’re also assured of safety as the draw-activated system will automatically close if there’s a malfunction.

Whether you want to vape by pressing the fire button, or you prefer an automatic process, it's up to you.


Refillable cartridges


If you’re looking to improve your vaping experience, this feature will provide you with exciting options. The refillable cartridges allow you to explore as many e-liquid flavors as you want. There are many complex vaping flavors available. You can find everything from peppermint to strawberry, whipped cream, cinnamon, vanilla, and more. Some vaping shops also carry custom, signature flavors. With all these available, there’s no reason to limit yourself with a pre-filled pod.

Refillable pods are also helpful in reducing waste. They’re efficient and can be used for a long time when maintained properly.


Six (yes, six!) vibrant colors


The design of this pod is simple, but its six-color selection gives a dynamic appeal. The colors available include black, red, blue, grey, pink, and iris purple. The iris purple designs with an ombré effect that is very pleasing to the eye. The texture of the device is very smooth but still allows for a good grip.



Another smart use of color in this device is around the power button. An LED ring fitted around gives a glow when it’s switched on. The battery LED is located right below the power button. It glows green for high, blue for medium, and red for low. These color choices are practical as even first time users will quickly understand what they mean.

Safety mechanism for people with kids


To lock or unlock your device, simply click the power button five times. This is a suitable safety mechanism if you have children who love to play with everything. Even if you don’t have kids, it also helps prevent personal errors. Just like phones, your vaping device can also be mistakenly pressed inside your pocket or purse. With this mechanism, you can avoid this concern completely.


Compact and light 


This is probably my best feature of the Caliburn Pod System. It is made up of significantly light components: from the battery to the design material. This makes it lightweight and easy to use or carry around. It is also compact, with a dimension of 110mm x 21.2mm x 11.6mm.


Nic Salt use + Free 10ml Nic Salt


This device uses Nic Salt, which provides an overall better vaping experience than traditional e-liquids. Nic Salts e-liquids are smoother and allow for a more optimized throat hit. You also save some money as less juice is burning. Basically, it provides more satisfaction at a lower price.

When you buy this device, you also get 10ml of Zap! Nic Salt for free.



Battery life is average


The vape pod features a 520mAh battery, which makes it light and compact. And it can incredibly last for between 3-5 hours. While its battery life may work for some people, heavy vapers may need more extended battery capacity.




The Uwell Caliburn Pod System is a device that I would highly recommend. It has a practical but stylish design and provides the essential features you need in a vaping device. Even if you already have a reliable vaping device, this is something small that you can easily slip into your pocket whenever you leave the house.

For beginners, this device is an absolute. Get it. For people with more experience, you can enjoy all your practical needs on the Uwell Caliburn Pod System. It’s also very affordable and will last for a long time.

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