A Clear Introduction to Five Different Types Of Vape

Being aware of the serious effects of smoking tobacco, the first E-cigarette was invented in 1963. Vaping has been a great alternative to smoking as it is 95% safer than smoking.

With the thriving participants in vaping community, the technology on vapes has been rapidly upgraded by countless leading vape companies year by year to meet different vapers’ needs.

Now, there is a variety of vape gear available in the market. If you are not familiar with those different types of vaping, this article is definitely right for you.

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How Many Distinct Vape Types Exist?

Despite the fact that there are hundreds of vape kits displayed on the shelf of vape stores, they can all be divided into seven groups: cig-a-likes (e-cigarettes), disposables, pens, pod kits, pod mod kits, box mods, and squonks.

Among these vapes, cig-a-likes, literally resemble the sensation of smoking, in other words, you can use it to offer an MTL(Mouth to Lung) vape style.

Disposables are a kind of vape that can be replaced with a new kit once you finish your vaping journey.

Considering the complexity of the rest categories, the other five types of vaping will be mainly explained in the following paragraphs.

The Five Different Types Of vaping are mainly Explained

A vape pen comes in the shape of a thick pen, long and cylindrical. Usually, the pen contains a glass tank, which allows you to check how much e-liquid is left over there and avoid a burnt flavour. Economically, the tank is refillable and if you want to change a new flavour, you’d better disassemble the tank and replace the coil inside.

Besides, it normally has a longer battery life and can be rechargeable through a USB port. The vape pens in the market can enable you to enjoy all kinds of vape styles including MTL(Mouth to Lung), DTL(Direct to Lung), and RDTL(Restricted Direct to Lung). But due to higher power output, it may lead to less sensation of smoking and huger cloud production.

There are two fire-up styles available. For vape pens without bottoms, you may start your vape by just inhaling it. While vaping with a button-fired pen, you should press it to start your vaping journey.

Benefits and Drawbacks

+ Small and on-the-go

+ Visible glass tank

+ Easy to hold and use

+ Refillable

+ longer battery life and higher power output

+ Rechargeable

+ Support all vape styles(MTL,DTL,RDTL)


- Unfriendly to new vapers

- Need some maintenance

- Feel less sensation of smoking

The pod kits can also be referred to as pod systems, pod vapes, vape pods, and mini vapes. It is an advanced version of vape pens. A pod vape often comes with a compact design, comprising of a prefill or refillable pod and a piece battery. There is a magnetic connection between the pod base and the terminal of the battery, which is convenient to maintain but causes a risk of e-juice leakage. And the pod kits can be activated with a single puff or by pressing a button.

By contrast, the refillable pod requires more hassle than prefilled pods as it needs to top up your vape juice on your own. But it is friendly-environment and economical. Besides, you may find that some pod kits allow you to change the coil included in the pod, this kind of pod kit has a specific name called Pod AIO.

Benefits and Drawbacks

+ Slim and portable

+ Visible plastic pod

+ Magnetic pod connection

+ Beginner friendly

+ Refillable and refillable pods

+ Can customize coils

+ Rechargeable

+ Ideal for MTL vape style


- Need some maintenance

- Shorter battery life

- lower vapour

- A risk of leakage

3. Pod mod kit

The pod mod kit is an advanced version of the pod kit, it owns the original features of the pod system like simplicity and convenience. A pod mod usually is a pod-based vape device containing a built-in battery with a higher capacity and a fully-suited chipset and screen.

Some are designed like Pod AIO, which allows you to change your coils. Thanks to the higher power output, it can help create more vapour than a traditional pod kit.

Benefits and Drawbacks

+ Easy to carry out

+ replaceable pods and coils

+ larger battery capacity

+ higher power output and can be adjustable

+ ideal for more vapour production


- need some maintenance

- heavier than normal pod kit

- hassle operation

- Risk of leakage

Box mod kits are a kind of larger and more powerful vapes. Better performance and longer battery life are typically associated with size increases, especially if it is usually paired with external batteries.

The majority of box mods have features and settings like variable wattage or even temperature control. The box mod can be equipped with MTL(Mouth to Lung) clearomizers or sub-ohm tanks. It is a preference for seasoned vapers. When it comes to the customize

Benefits and Drawbacks

+ Powerful performance

+ long battery life

+ Used with both MTL and DTL tanks

+ Flexible options


- Complicated

- Not good for new vapers

- Not easy to carry out

It is a creative design that not only complies with the TRPR in the UK but also satisfies the need for a higher e-juice capacity than a traditional tank. The Squonk mod includes an internal squeeze bottle and battery, usually used with a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) through the 510 connection. Overall, there is no conception of tanks or pods in this squonk mod kit, it runs by vaporizing the e-liquid fed up from the squonk bottle.

The squonk mod kit can be divided into two types: regulated and unregulated. The unregulated squonk mod is a mechanical mod and does not have ideal protection technology. Instead, the majority of regulated squonk mod contains VW/VV chipsets to ensure vapers’ safety when using. Therefore, the regulated squonk mod kits are typically regarded as the safest choice for squonking.

Benefits and Drawbacks

+ High-performance gear

+ extend e-juice capacity

+ RDA design

+ Offer fresh flavours


- not for new vapers

- hard to maintain

- A risk of leakage

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