Quick and Easy Solutions: How to Fix Your Disposable Vape

For the sealed body of disposable vapes, it is more tiresome when something is wrong with them. You almost don’t know how to fix it and get it to return to normal. What’s worse, you may consider replacing it with a new one, which is disgusting and wasteful.

To help you out, here comes an easy guide for you to fix your disposable kit in case of working wrong.

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  • What Is a Disposable Vape?
  • How Do Disposables Work?
  • Seven Common Problems and Solutions
  • How to Recycle Your Damaged or Drained Disposable E-cig

  • A List Of Reliable Disposable E-cigarettes

What Is a Disposable Vape?

Disposable vapes are single-use e-cigarettes, requiring zero e-juice filling and maintenance work. You can use go straight out of the box, and all these little pensles are compact to carry around.

Owing to the vast popularity of disposable kits, many vape manufacturers have made a dedication to the improvement and innovation of disposables. Now, here comes various disposable e-cigs in ergonomic shapes and sizes. Some of them even feature charging ports and airflow adjustment designs.

How Do Disposables Work?

With the aim of mending a disposable vape, it is substantial to figure out what consists of a single-usevape kit and how it works. There are seven main components involving: mouthpiece, tank, prefilled e-liquid, coil and cotton wicks inside of the tank, battery, and the outer appearance.

Once you inhale the mouthpiece of disposables, the coil will get heated to vaporize the cotton, which is already saturated fully with e-juice, and then a discreet amount of wonderful vapour will be created. This is a complete process of running a disposable e-cigarette.

Seven Common Problems and Solutions

1. Brand new disposable vape not working

This may be attributed to four factors:

a. It’s a defective vape and impossible to turn back to normal

If you get a faulty vape that is no vapour produced and no lights up, you just ask the vape store for a refund or replacement. To avoid such issues, you’d better buy disposables via trustworthy stores with considerate customer service.

b. There are dead or empty batteries inside

When puffing on the new vape, the LED light blinks red or orange, which indicates the battery is empty. This case is rare, and the battery may not be correctly charged when packing or damaged when transiting.

Again, ask for a refund from where you purchased it. If you get a rechargeable disposable kit, you can try to revive it via its charging port.

c. The e-liquid has been leaked out thoroughly

If you find your new disposable vape is covered in liquid, it is the reason why the vape was not hitting. This is also uncommon for new kits as the disposable pen is built in a closed body. So, you can return to the vape store for a change.

d. You block the airflow hole when you vape

For this reason, just check whether you have covered the air hole when you start to vape.

2. The disposable vape lights up, but no smoke

a. A dead battery or the battery capacity is low

If it is the first time you use it and the indicators light up for insufficient battery, ask the vape store for a refund or replacement. If you have used it for some time and it features a charging port, just recharge it to turn your vape back to normal.

b. Reach the maximum number of puffs

We don’t tend to count the puffs that disposable delivers. So, it is likely to reach the puff limit. Keep in mind the puffs labelled in a vape device’s package are only an approximation. If you get a 600 puffs disposable gear, it may last you 580 puffs or 640 puffs.

c. Chain vaping causes a greater drain on the battery

Every time you take a long and deep puff, there is no time for the gear to rest in-between hits. So the vape easily gets overwhelmed. If you take more puffs than allowed by your device, it will cut off while you're vaping, and the LED will flicker. For this problem, just change to a new disposable vape.

d. A damaged heating coil

As a disposable device is a closed system, you are supposed to change a new device unless your puff bar is designed with a replacement cartridge. In that situation, you can just replace the old pod with a new one.

3. Used disposables stop hitting

a. Blocked mouthpiece

Make sure whether the mouthpiece is clogged. if not, clear and unclog any obstructions you can see to allow for free airflow.

b. Dead or low battery--- This solution refers to the 2-a

c. Too deep and too long inhalations

For safety concerns, disposable puff pens often include an automatic cut-off of 8–10 seconds. The device will automatically shut off when you go above this time limit.

d. Put your vapes in direct sunlight or an excessively hot place

It is recommended to avoid storing your disposable pens in a high-temperature condition as it will damage their vaping function.

e. Clogged airflow

It could be a result of an accumulation of dirt or e-liquid in the airflow passages. To clear the device of any dirt or e-liquid accumulation, try using a cotton swab or toothpick.

f. Leaking

It may be due to a damaged or faulty cartridge. You can check the seals for any signs of damage. If your disposable bar comes with a prefilled replacement cartridge, try a new pod.

g. Cartridge not fitting properly

This issue only exists in a rechargeable disposable bar packed with a replaceable e-liquid pod. So, just make sure the cartridge is greatly detected by the device.

4. Your disposable vape died before empty

Almost all disposables’ batteries will die before running out the vape juice to avoid a bad flavour. So the fact is that your little vape has finished its work and requires you to change to a new one.

5. Your disposable vape tastes burnt or dry hits.

It is likely that your vape juice has been used out, so at this moment, the coil just heats the cotton instead of e-liquid. That is the reason why you get a burnt taste. As the burnt taste is nasty, you’d better stop vaping when you realize that your vapour has become small and dry.

6. The device is not hitting smoothly or consistently

a. Check the battery level

Make sure your device has enough battery to provide consistent hits. If the battery is low, recharge it or replace the disposable e-cigarette if it's already drained.

b. Clean the device

Accumulated residue or debris inside the device can cause blockages in the airflow or the wick, leading to inconsistent hits. Use a cotton swab or a soft-bristled brush to clean the device's mouthpieceand air hole.

c. Adjust your inhalation

Some disposable vapes have auto-draw sensors that activate the device when you inhale. Make sure to inhale slowly and steadily to allow the sensor to detect your draw.

7. Overheating or getting too hot to hold

a. Avoid chain vaping

Chain vaping leaves the heating element insufficient time to cool down itself, which leads to a hot body. At this time, you should take a break and let it cool down for a few minutes. Furthermore, overheatingis a dangerous thing that you’d better attach great care of.

b. Check the battery

If batteries are broken, performing probably will overheat. Avoid using the device again if the battery is damaged, and dispose of it properly. Make a replacement request to the manufacturer if the device is still brand new.

c. Use the device properly

Ensure that you adhere to the usage guidelines included with the disposable vape. It may overheat if the item is used excessively or is left in direct sunlight.

How to Recycle Your Damaged or Drained Disposable E-cig

It is commonly believed that disposable pod kits are the most difficult vape device that can be recycled. Though it is less eco-friendly compared to the open vape kits, disposable pens can be sent to the recycle bins after being dismantled into several parts.

Usually, a disposable kit consists of a battery, coil, wicked cotton and e-liquid pod. Here are several steps to recycle them.

  • Before opening the disposable device, you are advised to wear gloves to prevent from leaking e-juice;
  • Typically, there is a piece or a discrete component that aids in opening the shell. You can target it and unfold the device;
  • Carefullytake out the plastic e-liquid pod, coil and cotton, as well as remove the battery from the gadget. As the battery is designed in a lithium cell, it is suggested to wrap it with insulating rubber tape before recycle;
  • Time to recycle the pieces, to be a more eco-friendly vaper, and clean the e-liquid container is good for reuse. Then, the cotton and plastic pod can be taken into the recycling bins, while the battery can be put into the disposal battery box. As to the metal coil, you might check if there's a recycling depot that accepts small metals. If not, just dispose of it in the general waste. 

A List of Reliable Disposable E-cigarettes

After scanning the reasons why your disposable e-cig does not work. Most of them are owing to the low quality of disposables. Therefore, solve the problems at the root. We sort out a list of outstanding puff bars for you to pick.

1. Elf Bar

Elf Bar is the best-selling disposable pod kit that has won a team of people’s love for its enchanting flavours and excellent vapour production. You can buy it with full confidence

2. Elux Lengend

Elux is a famous vape brand that can land a top place. There are 3500 puffs of disposable devices available in Elux Legend collections. Take a nicotine break with this long-lasting 0mg puff bar!

3. Lost Mary

Lost Mary was produced by a reputable Elf Bar. Recently, they released dragon-shaped gears(BM600) and pen-like vape devices(AM600, QM600), which are adorable for many vapers. If you are an Elf Bar chaser, catch them cheaply now.

4. SKE Crystal Bar

The Crystal collection from SKE appeals to many vapers owing to its sleek and eye-catching design and delectable flavours. If you're looking for a vape that gives you a strong throat hit, its menthol blend earns a high score.

5. Aroma King Classic

A vast number of people give a preference to Aroma King disposable vape. You may find 0mg and 20mg e-cigarette in its range, they are blended with creative flavours and sold with an affordable price, which deserve your try.

6. Geek Bar

I assume that you’ve heard of this mini vape before reading this guide. Geek Bar is a trendy disposable e-cig that a lot of vapers dive into it. This compact unit will provide you with an impressive vaping expe

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