How to Get A Nice Disposable-like Flavour with Your Refillable Kit

Owing to the simplicity, convenience, and low cost of disposable vapes, the majority of people prefer to choose disposable vape kits as their companions in the past 3 years. With the increasing usage of disposables, there comes a notion that the flavour of disposables seems to be more delectable than other vape kits. Why do disposable vapes taste better?

In this post, we are going to tell you the reasons why disposable e-cigs taste better and how to make you get a nice flavour as disposables with your refillable vape kits. Do not hesitate, just scroll up to get it now.

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The contributors to a good disposable vape

There are four reasons that lead to an outstanding taste when vaping a disposable vape.

Pre-soaked cotton wicks

The single-use vapes are pre-packaged and sat in storage or transit for potentially months. Thus the cotton wicks in the coil have already been fully soaked up by the vape juice prefilled.

Once you get it in hand, just enjoy the vapour that vaporised from a perfectly primed coil.

Simple design

There are no versatile features with disposable vapes. It is only made for single use, you don’t need to tune the wattage, change resistance coils or refill the vape juice. The single-use disposables are preset greatly to offer you a marvelous vape experience.

The right amount of sweeteners in e-juice

Generally speaking, all e-liquid has four main ingredients: nicotine, PG, VG, flavouring. The flavouring is fused with sweeteners. With the frequent use of vape gear, the sweeteners will pile up in the coil, which can make the flavour deteriorate.

To ensure vapers taste delicious flavour as the former puffs, e-juice manufacturers should add the right amount of sweetener to the vape juice bottle.

Most disposable vape is prefilled with 2ml vape juice, which can deliver roughly 600 puffs. So the producers can easier control the sweetener dosage to avoid a deteriorating flavour.

Salt Nicotine vape juice

Disposable vapes normally adopt nicotine salt vape juice that has a lower pH to give you a smoother and stronger throat hit with more flavoursome inhalations, instead of traditional freebase e-liquid that can be harsh on your throat.

Luckily, the nic salts are not limited to single-use vapes, your refillable vape devices also can pair with salt nicotine vape juices with various flavours.

The ways to get the same great flavour with your vape kits

Simply, just mimic the key features that disposables contain to obtain the same great flavour when using your refillable vape devices.

Firstly use a handy refillable kit that requires no fiddle operation and menus, the preinstalled coil should be tailored for MTL vaping. Then select a better salt nicotine vape juice to supply exhilarating inhalations. Finally, Properly prime your coils before starting vaping to ensure the cotton has well saturated.

Looking through the paragraphs above, there is no denying that vape juice is sheer important to acquire an adorable flavour as a disposable vape.

Fortunately, the vaping market has a vast number of top-class e-liquid brands out there. For your convenience, here is a list of 10 e-liquids that provide the same delicious flavours as the disposables below. You can pick any nicotine salt e-liquid with the flavour that you are after at will.

1. Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady offers a range of unbeatable desserts and sweet flavours and won the Best Dessert Flavour award 5 YEARS in a row. Their vape juice blends with premium salt nicotine If you have a sweet tooth, you better not miss this e-liquid.

2. IVG Salts

IVG is a well-known UK e-liquid company offering a wide variety of popular flavours, including candy, soda, menthol, tropical fruits, and more. If you want to try flavours that can not taste by disposables, it is a good choice for you.

3. Bar Juice 5000

There is a Fun Fact that just one bottle of Bar Juice can equal 5 vape bars. Bar Juice is a UK manufacturer that assembles irresistible e-liquid and makes purchasing affordable. This Bar juice 5000 nic salt e-juice is available in 10 mg and 20mg nicotine strength.

4. Elfliq

I believe that all of you are not unfamiliar with the name Elf Bar. It has created a trendy disposable vape that is crafted with so many people’s love. Now here comes its Nic Salt vape juice Elfliq. Why not have a try?

5. Nasty Juice Salts

Nasty Juice is a globally famed e-liquid company that creates a range of exotic and fruity juice-flavoured e-liquids. Nasty Juice Salts is well blended with salt nicotine and comes with multi-award winning flavours like Nasty Shisha, Nasty Berry Series, Nasty Tobacco, Nasty Cushman Series, and Nasty Ballin.

6. Ohm Brew

Based in the UK, Ohm Brew is one of the prominent vape juice brands. Its nic salt e-liquid is excellent to carry a range of extensive combinations with berries, lemon, menthol, fizzy cola, and tobacco.

7. Billiards

Billiards also is a UK e-liquid manufacturer that deserves to have a try. It is available in 20mg salt nicotine strength and paired with the right vape kits, it can quickly resist your cravings. There is a wide range of flavours including Berry Blast, Cherry Bomb, Menthol, Lemon Tart, Bubblegum Berries, Rola Cola, Blackberry Ice, Black Lemonade, Kiwi Strawberry, and Blue Menthol.

8. Doozy Salts

Doozy is a distinctive vape trademark in the UK, winning multi awards including BEST SALTS, BEST TOBACCO, BEST DESSERTS, BEST MENTHOL, BEST CANDY, and BEST FRUIT, etc. It is not hard to see the flavours that Doozy can bring to you, just lie on the sofa and pick one.

9. Large Juice

Large Juice Nic Salt E-liquid 10ml is available in 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg nicotine strength, offering a wide range of appealing flavours including fruit, tobacco, lemon, and coffee blends. Large juice also is one of the most renowned vape companies in the world. One of their most popular products is Berry Cold, which flawlessly harmonized the mixture of winter berries with a mellow menthol kick.

10. Riot Salts

Riot company is committed to helping people make the switch from the R.I.O.T ways. Many vapers have joined the campaign to successfully quit smoking. The Riot Salts vape juice is set to give you a smoother and strong throat hit to fight the cravings. This Riot also won many flavour awards. The most enchanting one is Blue Burst, meaning an icy blue raspberry slush flavour.

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