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With the rapid development of the vaping market, more and more different types of vape products are emerging into the market, as well as beginner vapers. Interestingly there are increasingly non-smokers begin to use vaping products in recent years because they are intrigued by the attractive features of vaping that smoking does not possess. Let’s put it in this way, vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking due to the difference of ingredients between e-liquid and tobacco. What’s more, there are also hundreds of stylish flavours for all different tongues to choose from, such as Sour Apple, Sweet Strawberry, Cotton Candy, and Cola Ice, furthermore, vaping without nicotine can be rather relaxing, and it is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings without any calories. Hence there are increasingly new consumers want to join the vaping world and start their vaping journey. Today we particularly prepared a nicotine free disposable vape guide for the non-smoker novice vapers.

What is no nicotine/nicotine-free disposable vape?

Nicotine free or 0mg nicotine disposable vape is a compact and convenient disposable vape that pre-filled with 0mg nicotine of vape juice. In the UK vape shop, a qualified nicotine-free disposable vape is often pre-filled with 2ml e-liquid in zero nicotine content.

Since a normal recipe of e-liquid consists of VG(Vegetable Glycerin), PG(Propylene Glycol), Flavouring, and Nicotine(optional), nicotine is removed in the ingredients of nicotine-free vape juice. Unlike combustible cigarette and tobacco which produces over 4,000 chemicals when burnt, including 43 carcinogenic compounds and 400 other toxins. These include carcinogenic tar, carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic and DDT.

Common disposable vapes are allowed maximumly 20mg nicotine strength to add in the vape juice, and clearly a nicotine free disposable vape include 0mg nicotine in the vape juice. In addition to the nicotine content difference, a common disposable vape is the same to no nicotine disposable vape. They come in similar even the same parameters, powered by a built-in 350mAh-650mAh battery, pre-filled with 2ml e-liquid, and delivering up to 300 puffs to 800 puffs or so.

Who is suitable for no nicotine disposable vape?

People who never smoked before but want give vape a shot

People who never smoked before are not likely have nicotine addiction. As we know nicotine is an addictive substance, therefore a 0mg nicotine disposable vape is a great option for people who never smoked before but want give vape a shot, it not only delivers different delicious tastes but also brings a smooth throat hit for them without the risk of getting addicted to nicotine.

People who plan to quit nicotine for good and in their final phase

It is hardly possible for a chain smoker or a chain vaper to abstain from nicotine in a rather short time. But they can quit nicotine step by step via reducing nicotine intake, for instance, you can start from 20mg nicotine strength, then 10mg, 5mg until cut it to 0mg. In the final phase when you aware that you do not have strong cravings to nicotine anymore, you are almost there, and you will successfully quit nicotine when you overcome the behavioral addiction. And a nicotine free disposable vape is definitely a good item to help you out of behavioral addiction.

Nicotine-free disposable vape recommendation

ELF BAR 600 Puffs Disposable Vape 0mg (Nicotine-Free)

Key Features

  • Compact Disposable Kit
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Inhale Activated
  • Smooth Throat Hit
  • 600 Puffs Per Bar
  • 2ml vape juice capacity
  • Battery: 550mAh
  • 0 nicotine content

The Elf Bar 600 Puffs Disposable Vape 0mg has the exactly same parameters to the classic Elf Bar 600 20mg version except for the nicotine content. The Elf Bar 600 Puffs Disposable Vape 0mg is compact to carry and easy to use, it provides a smoother vaping experience than nicotine-based Elf Bar 600. Pre-filled with 2ml of vape juice in 0mg nicotine strength, powered by an internal 550mAh battery, offering up to 600 puffs which approximately equals to 20-30 combustible cigarettes. There are 16 flavours to choose from including Elf Bull Ice, Watermelon, Cherry, Cola, and so on. It also delivers a truly hassle-free vape experience and can be used right out of the box because it requires no maintenance, no refilling, and no recharging.

Geek Bar Disposable Vape 0mg

Key Features

  • Smooth throat hit with deep satisfaction
  • Comfortable hand feeling
  • Delicious flavors
  • Compactand portable
  • Approximately 575 puffs
  • Pre-filled with 2ml of vape juice
  • 0 nicotine content
  • 500mAh built-in battery

Geek Bar Disposable Vape 0mg is a branch product from its Geek Bar 575 range as well. It is pre-filled with 2ml e-liquid in 0mg nicotine strength, powered by a built-in 500mAh battery, delivering roughly 575 puffs. With 10 carefully prepared flavours which contain Banana Ice, Mango Ice, Sour Apple, and Strawberry Ice Cream, I believe that Geek Bar Disposable Vape 0mg is capable of bringing you an extraordinary nicotine-free and true MTL vaping experience.

Aroma King Disposable Vape 0mg

Key Features

  • Nicotine free disposable vape
  • Pre-filled with premium Aroma King E-liquid
  • Compact to carry
  • Easy to use
  • Fashionable Design
  • 0mg nicotine strength
  • Up to 600 puffs
  • 2ml vape juice
  • Built-in 550mAh battery

Aroma King is famous for its premium e-liquid, there is no doubt that the e-liquid in the Aroma King Disposable Vape 0mg won’t let you down. What’s more, Aroma King Disposable Vape comes in 3 levels of different nicotine strengths to choose from: 0mg, 10mg, and 20mg. Aroma King Disposable Vape 0mg is pre-filled with 2ml e-liquid in zero nicotine strength, powered by a built-in 550mAh battery, delivering up to 600 puffs. And there are 12 flavours to choose from including but not limited to Cool Mango, Watermelon Ice, Grape Energy, and Lychee Ice.

Final Thoughts

Nicotine-free disposable vape is the easiest and the most convenient vape device to satisfy “0 nicotine” need in the vape market indeed. However, if you delver deeper in the vape shop, you will find that there are so many nicotine-free vape juice out there, if you are willing to spend relatively higher initial cost on a suitable shortfill vape juice and a vape kit, you can save a lot of money in a long period. Or if you just want to give the 0mg nicotine vape a shot, a nicotine-free disposable vape is no doubt the best choice.

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