What is Sub-ohm vaping and how to Sub-ohm vaping?

Many new vapers might be dazzled in front of all these different types of vaping devices and vaping styles. Indeed, there are a bunch of new concepts and confusing aspects for novice vapers when they firstly step into the world of vaping, and the “sub ohm vaping” must be one of the confusing terms for most new vapers. Fear not, today we are going to introduce you the “sub ohm vaping” - what is it and how to use it?

What is Sub-ohm vaping

Sub ohm vaping is also known as sub ohming, it is an advanced vaping style and the final frontier for many vapers. The term sub ohm has evolved over the years with technology development. It typically refers to a DTL(direct to lung) vape device with coil resistance that is 0.5 ohm or lower. If you ever used an easy to use MTL(mouth to lung) vape kit, you might want to step further into the cloud chasing territory. Sub-ohm vaping offers an adjustably loose DTL(direct to lung) vaping experience, fluffy clouds, more clearly layered flavour, warmer vapour, lower nicotine levels, and more personalized vaping experience.

However, there are always two sides to everything, more functions means more complicated to use, high power means bigger battery and hulk body. Besides, you’ll have to change the coils, clean and refill your tank from time to time, and some more fussy preparation works to do if you want to be a qualified sub ohm vaper. Therefore, if you accept all those fussy works, then the sub ohm vaping might be right for you. And there is a good news that more and more compact yet powerful AIO(all in one) vape kits and mod vape kits surging into the vape market, delivering a better sub ohm vaping experience for vapers with much simpler operations. And certain pod vape kits are also featured with sub ohm coils, they provide a similar vaping experience to sub ohm tanks but typically use less power than a mod vape since they are smaller in size and battery capacity.

What Sub-ohm vaping brings?

Of course it brings a beastly big and fluffy cloud out of your mouth. Further more, there are also a list of exciting features that only available for sub ohm vaping devices:

  • Big big cloud production.Blowing clouds appeal to many vapers, especially those cloudy vapour chasers. For the biggest cloud production, sub ohm vaping and high VG e-liquid in lower nicotine strength are necessary. Sub ohm devices are a prerequisite for becoming a cloudy vapour chaser.
  • Intense and clearly layered flavour. Sub ohm vape devices are capable of vaporizing much more e-liquids than MTL vape devicesat a time, so your taste buds get hit with tons of smooth flavour with each puff.
  • Warmer vapour:Thanks to the powerful output of DTL vapes, sub ohm vaping brings a much warmer and bold sensation for your throat and lungs. Some vapers enjoy a warmer vapour, which is easy to reach with sub ohm vaping, especially with high-wattage and sub ohm vape devices.
  • A satisfying lung hit:While mouth to lung vaping replicates the feeling of smoking, direct to lung vaping, namely sub ohm vaping is a deep drag straight into your lungs.
  • Adjustable airflow: Sub ohm vaping works best with a direct to lung inhale and unrestricted airflow. More airflow is important for cooling down the higher heat produced from the coils. However, you can also adjust it for a looser or a tighter inhale experience.
  • Lower nicotine strength:Since high wattage vape device for sub ohm vaping would consume much more e-liquid than pod vape does, it will vaporize more nicotine as well. To avoid nicotine poisoning, you should use a lower nicotine strength e-liquid which is between 0mg to maximumly 6mg.

How to Sub-ohm vaping?

  • Use a qualified sub ohm vape device:Like I mentioned above, sub ohm device is a prerequisite for becoming a cloudy vapour chaser. There are a number of reputable pod mod kit and mod kit manufacturers who provide high quality and reliable sub ohm hardware, including but not limited to VooPoo, Geek Vape, Aspire, and SMOK.
  • Use appropriate batteries: Shop for batteries with high amp ratings, suitable for high wattage to ensure a stable and safe sub ohm vaping experience. Some pod mod kits only need single battery, while most mod kits require dual batteries because they could output up to 200W that need more power, so make sure you are getting a right battery.
  • Use a vape kit with 40W or higher power:Since sub ohm vaping uses with 0.5 ohm coil or lower, you will need a high wattage to make it perform, a vape kit that delivers 40W or higher power is necessary.
  • Use a sub ohm coil of 0.5ohm or lower:Low resistance coils that are 0.5 ohms and below can handle more wattage and generally produce bigger clouds. To be an advanced cloud chaser, a low sub ohm coil is a must.
  • Wide open the airflow system:Most sub ohm vape devices are equipped with adjustable airflow. More air flows into the device, more voluminous vapour would be produced from the atomizer. Generally speaking, the airflow should be at its most open setting to achieve the biggest clouds.
  • Use high VG and low nicotine strength e-liquid:While PG and VG both make vapour, PG delivers more flavour and throat hit, VG produces more clouds. Therefore the higher VG content in your vape juice, the bigger clouds produced. And high VG e-liquid often appears in 70VG/30PG, 80VG/20PG, or even higher.

How to start your sub ohm vaping journey?

In the old days, high wattage vape devices were large, hulk, and inconvenient to carry and use. Well with the rapid technology development taken place in the vape industry, more and more compact yet powerful vape devices come into being, which means the modern sub ohm vaping devices are much easier and convenient to use for rookies. A versatile AIO vape kit is highly recommended because it not only support classic MTL vaping experience but also brings a satisfying DTL vaping experience. If you merely want an absolute powerful gadget like Vergil seeks power in the DMC, a reliable and powerful mod kit is good for you to be a true cloud chaser! However, you should always put safety in the first place, operate the device in accordance with the user manual is important.

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