RIOT Bar EDTN E-liquid Review

Bar EDTN launched this 5th December. It is thrilling that we can add it to our refillable vape kit and enjoy the exceptional flavour from the Riot Bar range.

Why do we so excited? The Riot Q Bar disposable vape is god damn adorable and it is specially made regarding recycling problems. but we’ve realized that disposables are harmful to our earth even though we try out best to recycle them.

Thankfully, Riot Squad is a team that can sincerely place great value on users’ heart voices and has the Bar EDTN produced.

Riot is renowned for leading a unique campaign online to help 10000 people switch from smoking with the R.I.O.T ways. They don’t merely yell, they also did something. In recent years Riot proved itself by constantly winning an award by an award in the vaping industry.

Today, let’s take a look at the Bar EDTN e-liquid!

Quick Look

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Product Intro


  • 10ml nic salt e-liquid
  • Suitable for MTL vaping
  • Pair with starter kits
  • 50VG/50PG
  • A range of flavours
  • 20mg nicotine level

Bar EDTN is TPD compliant. They all are coming in 10 ml bottles and are well-sealed for childproof. There are 15 disposable-style flavours available in this section, including fruit, drinks, and dessert blends.

According to the Riot, This e-liquid range is said to PUNCHY AS F*CK SWEET AS F*CK. What a blood-hell description they are!

So far the Bar EDTN offers 20mg salt nicotine with a 50/50 VG: PG ratio, so stick to your starter kits for the best MTL(Mouth to Lung) vape experience. Similar to the Q bar, the salt nicotine would make you instantly get relief from your cravings.

Flavour Performance

I chose a Uwell Cravat Pod Vape Kit with a 1.2-ohm mesh pod to try six tastes from Bar EDTN. The flavour will be presented differently when the vape kits used differs. So the following statements are only on behalf of my perspective.

Cherry Cola

Riot Says:

Just like the sweet & refreshing drink, immerse yourself into a fruity Cola flavour e-liquid that sends you deep into the sweet notes of a delicious Cherry Coke drink.

I Say:

Riot does a good job of fusing the fresh cherry, icy menthol, and classic Cola together. It strikes a subtle balance between the three components. Neither too sweet nor too chill.

The sweetness pleased my palette when I inhaled, my throat can feel a gust of menthol wind, which is a very nice sensation. If you ask me what can this vape improve, I wish the menthol wind can blow longer.

No one can refuse the cozy wind. No wonder the Riot named it as disposable flavours, it is somehow more excellent than that.

Mango Vanilla Ice Cream

Riot Says:

Dive head first into your favourite dessert, a smooth & delightful flavour to bring the fruitiness of a Mango and the sweetness of a velvety Vanilla pod.

I Say:

It is a clever combination that put uncommon fruit vanilla and cream together. Plus the proper amount of mango and menthol makes it more amazing.

When I viewed the name of this vape, I thought that Riot will replicate the taste of ice cream with some related sweeteners.

Luckily, it is not like that, the inhalation is very clean and smooth as well as ensures the delectable qualities of a typical ice cream. I should give a thumbs-up to Riot.

Cherry Fizz

Riot Says:

This bubbly & unforgettable flavour is bursting with tang & fruitiness. Fill your pod with a delightful but daring collision of rich Cherries and face quenching Sherbet.

I Say:

As the name suggested, it doesn't take long for the bubbly edge in this vape to emerge. On the inhale, it's hardly perceptible and blends with Cherry's sweetness.

Besides, that menthol taste kicked back in my mouth and also took not so much time, which keep the pace of fizz edge and sing a harmonious song.

At this time, the sweet notes of cherry become novel as it is mixed brightly. I don’t give u a ten score but deserves an eight. This flavour needs some time to enjoy it.

Strawberry and Blueberry Ice

Riot Says:

Strap in for this Strawberry & Blueberry medley that is bursting at the seams with its fruity goodness & ice cold persona.

I Say:

It should be outstanding but not really. Why do I say that? As a berry base, it predominates the majority of people’s love in the choice of fruits. But most parts of the strawberry and blueberry elements are drowned out by an intensive menthol rush.

It is reasonable that the right level of menthol can be mixed into a vape to enhance the icy sense, regretably, Riot failed at this flavour. However, the blueberry sweetness layered more on my taste buds than the strawberry.

If you are a blueberry lover, this point can somewhat comfort you. One thing that ought to be mentioned is that the semi-floral tones are created effectively on the exhale.

Grape Ice

Riot Says:

A divine set of dark grapes have been supercooled to supply a thin layer of an ice sensation as you take each vape. An icy cool grape sensation to take the top spot as your go-to flavour.

I Say:

I love pure fruit flavour. Dedicating to one single thing can be a chance of reaching exceptional perfection. The matured grape has been squeezed thoroughly, suffusing deliciously in my mouth when I took a drag. And the cool menthol appropriately punched at my feeling radar.

It is a natural ripe grape taste and is sweet and light of sourness, without the strong sugary undertones. it wouldn’t waste the wrapping bottle.

Sour Cherry Apple

Riot Says:

Combine a rich cherry sensation with the fresh & fruity notes of a green sour apple for this mouth-watering e-liquid.

I Say:

If the sour taste is not on your liking list, this one should be thrown out of your shopping cart. It is suitable for someone who appreciates the sour-sweet flavour.

The sourness of crisp apple will not completely wash down your throat as it will be partly infused with sweet cherry, which is a great combination.

The very first thing I noticed about this vape was the sharp punch of sour apple oozing out of the vapour, perhaps I have a sensitive tongue about sourness.

Even so, it can’t impede me from loving it.


The Riot Bar EDTN is a standard disposable-like e-liquid. If you are after a range of refreshing and intensive e-liquid to fill in your beginner kits, it can be an ideal option for you.

Generally speaking, the blending is improved. The versatile combinations work effectively in this range, including the menthol use and sweetness control in different vapes.

Nevertheless, Riot Squad should pay more attention to the fruit authenticity when in terms of the various intensities.

It is believed that Riot has devoted itself to the production of mainstream vapes. More and more vapers can eco-friendly vaping with the increase of using refillable kits.

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