How to Properly Get Your Vape Coil Ready?

In the atomizers, a vape coil is act as a heating system to vaporize e-liquid for vapour production and fresh tastes. Cotton or ceramics are typically used as the wicking element in coils.

Why do you need to prime your coils before vaping? It is to avoid an awful dry hit. In other words, if the material wicked around the coils has not been fully saturated, the power offered just burns the wicking material instead of the e-juice. And you will get a burnt taste.

To prevent you from coming across this condition, this simple guide is to help you how to prime your coils, the frequency to change a coil, and some answers to frequently asked questions.

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How to Prime Your Vape Coils

Step 1: Add a few drops of e-liquid onto the e-juice inlet hole until the wicking material is fully soaked, if you find that the material is over-saturated, you can flick the coil to get rid of the superfluous vape juice.

Step 2: Put the coil in your tank and fill with e-liquid and leave it alone for 5-30 minutes.

Step 3: Do not turn on your e-cig and take a few puffs, letting airflow prime your coil perfectly.

Step 4: Set a lower power output if your e-cigarette features an adjustable wattage.

Step 5: Now it is time to start your vaping and continue to adjust the wattage to your favourite condition.


How long should you prime your coil? The longer you leave it the better. Most coils can be ready for around 5-10 minutes.

Sometimes, the time may vary depending on the ratio of PG/VG in e-liquid. A higher PG concentration should be taken less time to drench the coil, while a higher VG blend used to be saturated for more time due to its thickness.

The Frequency to Replace A Coil

Coils are consumable items. When should you replace your coil? It varies heavily on your PG/VG concentration of e-liquid, your device setting, the amount of use, and the manufacturers of building coils.

Normally, based on mentioned factors, we suggested replacing the coil monthly, weekly, or every other week.

If you realized that you get a burnt taste or no vapour is produced, chances are that your coil is out of work and needs to be changed right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Prime Your Coils Faster

After dripping vape juice onto the cotton, put the coil back into the tank. Then not activating the e-cig and shutting up airflow adjustment, inhale sharply through the mouthpiece several times to quickly get your coil ready.

2. What if you’ve primed your coil but heard the gurgling sound when vaping?

It is likely that your coil is flooding with e-liquid. You can go outside and flick your device away from you to let the excess vape juice out.

3. What if you’ve primed your coil and it’s still not working?

It may be caused by dead coils. Try to change it with a new coil and your e-cig probably can come back to normal.

4. How to change a coil in your vape?

Firstly, kindly dismantle your tank according to your vape instructions, then take the old coil out, prime a new coil as we mentioned and place it into the tank; finally, test your vape to have an inhalation as usual.

5. How to clean your coil?

Give your coil at least a few hours to soak in ethanol, vinegar, or inexpensive vodka. after that, rinse it off under the tap and use some distilled water to rinse it once more. Blow air into the inlet hole to fully clean the wicking material. Finally set it aside to dry it.

6. How to maintain your coil?

It is recommended to use a lower VG blend of vape juice, and pair it with an MTL(Mouth to Lung) vape kit. Besides, buying a mesh coil could get a longer life than a traditional coil. The last point is that prime your coil before starting a new vaping journey.

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