An Ultimate Guide for First-Time Cloud Chasers

When you scroll your phone to look through your vaping community, have you ever been attracted by a huge cloud vaping performance? It is so-called cloud chasing.

If you grab your disposables for an inhalation, there is only a small amount of vapour released into the air.Is there anything wrong with the vape devices or your vaping style?

You may wonder what kind of vape kits you should use and how to make cloud chasing happens. Here is an understandable guide for you to start chasing enormous clouds.

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  • The definition of cloud chasing
  • Types of vape kits and e-liquid that you should prepare
  • How to achieve cloud chasing?
  • Tips for cloud chasing

The definition of cloud chasing

It is referred to the massive vapour clouds exhaled by vapers. It is also acknowledged as Sub-Ohm vaping, stunt vaping, or extreme vaping.

To create ideal clouds, vapers are used to vape with Sub-Ohm mod devices and high VG e-liquid, which provide them with great power output and the right material for big vapour production.

Most cloud chasers deem it as a way of recreation. But with the rising popularity of cloud chasing, cloud chasing can be seen as a kind of art. There are more and more cloud-chasing competitions raised globally. What’s more, it is accompanied by a cash prize, perfect for cloud enthusiasts.

Types of vape kits and e-liquid that you should prepare

It is impossible to create clouds via disposables because of their low wattage. To tell you the truth, it is not a thing of magic. It requires certain tools to accomplish it.

Vape Kit

  1. Mouthpiece:

Choose a bigger drip tip to offer a wider space for airflow.

  1. Atomizer

As I mentioned above, sub-ohm vaping needs sufficient airflow to help the inhalation and exhalation. So you need to select a tank or pod that is equipped with adjustable airflow. When you vape, try multiple times to find the ultimate balance.

  1. Coils:

Coil plays a fundamental part in creating vapour. The sub-Ohm coil is designed for cloud chasing, which means the resistance of the coil is less than one ohm. According to Ohm’s Law, If you want more vapour, the resistance should be lower.  

  1. Mod

It is functional as a power supplier, including battery, safety chip setting, display screen, and operational buttons. Only with a high wattage of the mod can you be allowed to vaporize vast clouds.

Generally, if you would like to chase clouds, the mod should feature a wattage of no less than 40W. The higher power you adopt, the more marvelous performance you will get.


The vapour is made from vape juice. The e-juice is consist of PG, VG, flavour, and nicotine. The VG is served to create vapour, so buying a bottle of VG-dominant vape juice is a must. To prevent a sore throat and dizzy condition, it is recommended to use a low nicotine level of e-liquid, 3mg(0.3%) is the most common choice.

How to achieve cloud chasing?

Now the vaping equipment is ready, it is time for your cloud chasing. To begin with, you should have knowledge of MTL vaping and DTL vaping.

MTL(Mouth to Lung) vape style means inhaling the vapour to your mouth for a while, then transferring it to the lungs, which mimics the action of smoking a cigarette. It happens when you use a low-wattage vape device like a disposable vape and low-power starter kit. It is the first step to switching from smoking to vaping.

DTL(Direct to Lung) vaping is different from MTL inhalation. It is a vaping journey in that the produced vapour directly reaches your lungs, remaining no time in your mouth. This technique is often used by experienced vapers who are crazier about flavour chasing or cloud chasing. And Sub-ohm vape kits are the basic tool to carry out this DTL vaping.

After knowing these two types of vaping styles, it is not difficult to get the answer to managing to chase clouds. Using DTL vaping method can help you to be a cloud chaser.

Tips for cloud chasing

If you long for growing the size of the clouds, you can draw the drip tip quickly and forcefully. But make sure that you are taking in a lot of air when vaping. To some extent, the number of clouds may rely on your lung capacity, which is influenced by your genetics.

Occasionally, you may find that some people can generalize more vapour than you even though both of you are using the same kind of vape gear.

According to the study, smoking not only does harm to your health but also can lessen your lung capacity. Therefore, stopping smoking is a nice decision. Moreover, doing some sports is beneficial to enlarge your lung capacity.

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