How to Vape Safely during COVID-19: 6 Best Tips

As the epidemic of Coronavirus is evolving, many vapers show their concerns about the safety of vaping. As we know, vaping is an alternative of smoking and can be safer and more healthy for your body. Don't be scared away by all the negative news and information. There are some steps you can take to make it possible to vape safely. Let's dive into them.

Six Best Tips and Tricks Help You Vape Safely

1. Consider Using A Temperature Control Mod

The vaping technology has evolved by leaps and bounds over the last couple years, and if you are looking to vape safely, you can start with a mod that can control or limit temperature. The worst chemical reactions take place at high heats, so being able to set a limit so that you can never even accidentally vape at an unsafe temperature. This step is just the first, on a path to help ensure that you will be able to vape safely without much worry. When you never reach those super high temperatures while vaping you have very little to worry about as it's only with those super high heat vaping hits where it's even possible to inhale some harmful chemicals. So as long as you stick with one of these types of mods you can vape safely away and finally kick that really unhealthy cigarette addiction.

2. Keep Good Hydration Levels

Nicotine itself is a diuretic. This means it starts specific processes in the human body when consumed. One of these processes involves causing your body to use over its storage of moisture to try and flood internal organs that are tasked with cleaning toxins from your system. It also helps move along the process of ridding itself of the nasty nicotine (which, technically speaking, is classified as a poison). This means you will pass a bit, maybe a lot, more liquid while vaping than you would otherwise. So as to continue vaping safely, you will want to make sure and drink a little extra water to maintain healthy levels of hydration.

Clean Your Battery Terminal

3. Clean Your Battery Terminal

This is just common sense, but you might be surprised just how long the average vaper goes in between proper cleanings of their mods and especially battery terminals. This is one simple trick to make sure that you are vaping safely. Your entire mod should receive a deep cleaning at least once a week, otherwise, you are risking poor function of your hardware, which can potentially be dangerous. You will also be risking bacteria and other little nasties making themselves at home in the moist areas of your mod, and this can potentially lead to a wide variety of health issues. So do yourself a favour and clean your mod out regularly and while doing so don't forget to remove the battery and clean the terminal.

4. Stop Dry Burning Your Coils

I know times get tough and you may be on short supply of e-liquid, but continuing to burn your coil out hoping to get that last drop out of your vape coils is a terrible idea, and for a couple of different reasons actually. But they are most apparent since you are burning your coils doing this releases a bunch of toxins because your mod is not designed to "dry fire" ever. You're risking vaping at too high temperatures and releasing toxic byproducts of those chemical reactions that take place at these temps. Besides, you are causing damage to your mod and non-replaceable hardware which can be dangerous if this is done repeatedly or if your mod just gets to a certain temp, even only one time is enough to cause catastrophic failure. So just vape safely and don't do this or pick up this horrible habit.

Stop Dry Burning Your Coils

5. Monitor Your Devices Heat

Obviously, this is a complete no brainer. We have already covered how high temps cause adverse chemical reactions to occur in e-liquids. By this process, harmful toxins can be created as the byproduct of these exothermic chemical reactions. Another reason you should always be paying close attention to the temp of your mod is because if your goal is to vape safely, then this is priority numero uno. Repeatedly or continuous hitting of your mod can cause it to heat up to dangerous levels. Superheated mods get batteries that fail and explode violently, sometimes causing severe injuries. So vape safely and keep a close eye on both the temperature settings you have set while hitting your mod and also the core temperature of your mod.

Only Get Your E-liquid From Trusted Sources

6. Only Get Your E-liquid From Trusted Sources

No, this does not include that super cheap stuff that Dave from down the street mixes up in his kitchen and peddles it around the neighbourhood. While it may be the deal of the decade, this stuff is not safe to use. There have been a lot of people who have gotten seriously ill from using black-market e-liquid and even been hospitalized for extended periods and also been on the brink of death because of using unlicensed vape juice. So keep yourself in line and chock up the extra four or five $ to purchase the legal, legitimate, and most importantly regulated kind of e-liquid for your mod.

Just make sure you follow these few simple guidelines, and you will be able to vape safely for your nicotine needs properly. It may just be a stepping stone to quitting all types of nicotine products- most of us have set that lofty goal but rarely achieve it, but at least we are no longer smokers, and I for one feel healthier already. Just stay safe and use your common sense when it comes to vaping, and you will easily be able to start vaping in a safe manner on a regular basis and quite the disgusting cigarette habit.

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