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As a lot of beginner vapours often ask what exactly is a vape starter kit, I'm here to answer this question. Generally, a vape starter kit is a pack comes with everything you'll need to start vaping. It contains a vape pen, vape mod, vape juice, battery, charger some sort of atomizer, whether a tank, cartomizer, pod or less commonly something a bit more advanced like an RDA.

If you're a beginner looking for a starter kit, don't purchase without any consideration until you read this guide. Well, let's go over top 5 best vape starter kits of 2020.

The List of Top 5 Best Vape Starter Kits

Top 5 - Innokin Adept Zlide Kit

Innokin Adept Zlide Kit

Innokin Adept Zlide Kit may be the best kit on the market for people transitioning over from cigarettes. It has a legitimate mouth too long draw, and it's super simple to use and very flavorful. It even has a smart feature where it can tell which coil you actually have installed. The Adept Zlide Kit has a 3000 mah rechargeable battery. 2 amp internal charging is on deck, which is ip67 rated, shockproof, waterproof and dustproof. It has a 17-watt maximum output, and the tank is 22 millimetres in diameter. Besides, it has a 2ml juice capacity, and the kit is available in white, purple, black, sky, forest camo and ocean.


Three reasons why you need to buy the Adept Zlide Kit:

1. Super simple to use
2. Flavorful
3. Shockproof, waterproof and dustproof

Top 4 - Vaporesso Target Mini II Kit

Vaporesso Target Mini II Kit

When Target Mini II Kit comes out, it's admitted that its Nick salts really were in a thing. But now people get into the higher nicotine juices and more of a mouth to long mate. You will be impressed with the power to size ratio on this kit and the flavour that I get off of this VM 22 tank. It's a nice compact kit that is super easy to carry if you're a beginner just starting out this is a pretty easy system to get to know. The nice thing about this kit is it comes with a quality chipset that packs a lot of tech into a small package. You will find the Omni 4.2 chipset onboard. This kit measures in at 107X37.2X25.7 millimetres. It has a 2000 mah internal rechargeable battery. The kit has a 50-watt maximum output, and it will fire down to 0.03 ohms. The VM 22 tank measures in at 22 millimetres in diameter and it has a 2 ml capacity in the kit. You will get a 10HM Cell coil and a 0.6HM mesh coil.


Three reasons why you need to buy the Target Mini II Kit:

1. The power to size ratio
2. A pretty easy system
3. A quality chipset



I definitely like the build quality and the flavour on the VOOPOO VINCI Kit over the SMOK RPM 40. I actually did a shootout between the two, and while I did like the RPM 40, the Vincey just seemed to edge it out in every category. The nice thing about VINCI Kit is it's draw-activated or button-activated. It has a 0.96-inch colour TFT display, and it measures in at 104X25.3X25.3MM. Also, it has a 1500 mah rechargeable battery and it will do a maximum of 40 watts. In the kit, you will get a 0.30-ohm mesh coil good for 32 to 40 watts. Besides, you'll get the point 0.88-ohm dual MTL coil which is the mouth two long coil good for 12 to 18 watts.

Three reasons why you need to buy the VOOPOO VINCI Kit:

1. Build quality
2. Tasty flavour
3. Draw-activated or button-activated

Top 2 - SMOK RPM80 Kit


I picked the SMOK RPM80 Kit to crack the top 2 because I felt like smoke really went back to the drawing board on this one and came up with a winner. I love the power to size ratio on this, and the colour screen on this one is just gorgeous. It's bright, vivid, easy to read all lighting conditions. This little kick does 80 watts, and it actually comes with two pods. One pod has adjustable airflow, and it takes the all-new are GC coils which are the higher wattage coils available for this kit. The other pod has no adjustable airflow, yet it takes all the existing SMOK RPM40 coils. There is also an existing optional RBA head available for the kit. So you have three options, the new coils, the RPM coils and an RBA option. The SMOK RPM AE measures in at 109X31.55 X26MM. It has a 3000 mah rechargeable battery and the maximum wattage output is 80 watts. Also, it has a 0.96-inch colour LED display, 5 ml juice capacity and it's available in black, red, gold, blue, black and white resin and 7-clour resin.


Three reasons why you need to buy the SMOK RPM80 Kit:

1. Gorgeous colour screen
2. Two pods available
3. Three options on coils

Top 1 - GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit

GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit

I love the form factor, look and the immunity of size, of GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit. The power to size ratio on this one is really nice. I haven't even mentioned the fact that the mod itself is bulletproof. It's IP67-rated to be dustproof, waterproof and shockproof. It also includes what I consider one of the best mid-range mesh tanks on the market right now. The Cerberus tank is very flavorful, and it has the perfect coil parameters for a mod with this type of power. This kit is a nice easy, carry that will give you a high-quality bait. It has a 2200 mah rechargeable battery and its maximum wattage output is 80 watts. The tank is 25 millimetres in diameter, and there is a 4ml straight class capacity and 5.5ml bubble class capacity.


Three reasons why you need to GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit:

1. Bulletproof
2. The best mid-range mesh tanks on the market
3. A perfect coil parameters

Conclusion: Make a Wise Decision

It's important to remember that if you get the best starter vape kits, you will increase the odds of quitting smoking and starting vaping. Take your time to select a suitable one as there are many best starter kits out there. We hope that this guide is helpful for you to make a right choice.

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