Voopoo Argus XT Mod Vape Kit Review

When it comes to a mod vape kit, Voopoo deserves to have a try. So, I got the latest addition from the Argus collection, Voopoo Argus XT Mod Vape Kit. Let’s see whether it is amazing or not.

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Product intro

Voopoo Argus XT Mod Vape Kit is a powerful mod vape kit, designed with a 100W maximum power output. It offers a battery shell to contain a single 21700 or 18650 battery. Fill the vape juice into the 2ml MAAT tank and install one of the sub-ohm TPP coils(0.15ohm&0.2ohm), it allows you to have a DTL(Direct to Lung) vaping, which will deliver massive clouds of vapour.

Owing to the GENE TT 2.0 chipset, the XT mod provides seven safety protections and multiple modes including SMART(Automatically match watts to the coil installed) and TURBO(Get the most power out of this advice), RBA(Adjust the watts yourself) and TC(Temperature Control).

Additionally, there is a mini LED screen for you to navigate the vaping data, like watts, battery percentage, puffs, volts, coil resistance, and a second counter.



Size: 26*52mm

Capacity: 2ml(TPD)

Material: Stainless Steel+Pyrex





Name: ARGUS XT Kit


Material: Leather + Zinc Alloy

Output Power: 5-100W

Output Voltage: 0-8.5V

Resistance range: 0.05-3.0Ω

Charging voltage: Type-C 5V/3A

Battery:18650 or 21700*1

Package Content

1xVooPoo Argus XT Mod

1xVooPoo 2ml MAAT Tank

1xVooPoo TPP-DM1 0.15 Ohm Coil

1xVooPoo TPP-DM4 0.2 Ohm Coil

1xUSB-C Charging Cable

1xUser Manual


The Matt Tank looks exquisite, and the Argus XT mod is constructed with a brick house design, giving me a nice grip. And it is built with leather and zinc Alloy. The green leather is on the inside and grey leather on the outside, it is very appealing to me.

On top of the mod, I’m so curious about the Voopoo stuff's idea of featuring a lanyard clip here. Will someone carry this mod vape kit on their neck? Haha. At the bottom of the mod, it has a battery door to easily pop an external battery in.

For the potent power, I bought a 21700 battery to pair with the kit. Come to the operation area, I find something special above the fire button. It is a QS locking mechanism, which seems to be a shortcut to do the lock action. Sliding the dial to the left can lock the watts and still can fire up the kit; When I slide the dial to the middle, it allows me to adjust watts. And the right side means completely locking the whole device.

In addition to that, the charging port is covered by a cap which somehow protects the port from dust and water.

Basic Operations

For your convenience, I took some notes of basic operations below:

Power ON/OFF: Click the fire button 5 times.

Go to the main menu: Hold the up and down rocker buttons.

Change options: Use the up or down rocker buttons to access different selections including four modes, setting, about the device, and exit.

Confirm the result: Press the fire button when you’ve made your choice.

Adjust Watts: Use the up or down rocker buttons, if hold either button, you can speed up the process.

Clear puffs: hold the down rocker button and fire button at the same time.

When I choose the TC mode, apart from TI, NI, and SS option, it enables me to personalize the temperature as M1, M2, or M3. Skipping to the ‘SETTING’ option, I can clear the puffs, alter the display brightness, and set the display time. If you wanna find the chip ID and level code, they land on the ‘ABOUT YOUR DEVICE’ option.


There are two types of TPP coil resistance:0.15ohm and 0.2ohm. I put the 0.15ohm coil into the Matt tank, get a high VG blend of vape juice, and 21700 battery ready. Turn on the mod gear, select a TURBO mode, keep the airflow wide open and give it a puff, a huge amount of warm clouds can be exhaled.

The flavour is thoroughly vaporised to an enchanting taste. You should know that by installing a lower resistance of the coil, the vapour will be vaster. Plus, it owns the most forceful battery to support vapour production. It is a terrific choice for cloud chasing.

Battery Life and Charging

I feel that I don’t need to say so much about this point as the Argus XT mod can be equipped with a 21700 battery. And as to the charging time, The typical charging time for a 21700 battery is 4 hours. The battery type, charger voltage, and amperage can all affect how long it takes to charge a battery.


+ Beauty Design

+ QS Locking mechanism

+ Matt Tank and TPP coils

+ Outstanding ramp-up time, flavour, and vapour production

+ Mini LED display screen with good quality

+ comprehensive vaping data to check

+ SMART, TURBO, RBA, and TC modes

+ 21700 battery or 18650 battery space

+ Leakage proof and multiple safety protections


- Unnecessary lanyard design

- A little bigger than other pod kits

- Long charging time

- Not friendly to beginners

Argus XT vs Argus MT

The Argus MT has a close look with Argus XT, both of them feature the same design of fire button, lanyard, LED screen, and basic operations. The distinctions between them should go to the different locations of the watts locking switch and the battery.

The Argus MT’s watts locking mechanism is underneath the menu screen. And the Argus MT adopts a 3000mAh built-in battery. Both of them offer a marvelous sub-ohm vaping experience. If you prefer a more powerful one, you can pick Argus XT for its bigger capacity battery of 21700.



The Voopoo Argus XT is a fantastic improvement to the existing Argus lineup. Its mod has a great, sturdy design and many functions. Employing the most spectacular components of the new MAAT tank and TPP coils, Argus XT is designed with a unique feature---the QS locking mechanism.

If you're searching for a quality sub-ohm kit, this comes highly recommended.

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