Do Vape Clouds Make You Susceptible to Coronavirus?

There is no scientific evidence that proves that vape clouds make you susceptible to Coronavirus. The protagonists of these speculations believe that when e-cigarette user coughs, vape clouds spread Coronavirus. There are currently no research findings that can support this claim. It was a rumour speculated by some people, especially those that are opposed to smoking and anti-vaping.

The reason for the claim is due to the obvious disadvantages that are associated with vaping. It is assumed that vapers and smokers are not healthy enough to withstand most of the respiratory health challenges, which seem to show that they are more susceptible to such serious issues than others. Moreover, there is a general belief that Coronavirus is more in men than it is women. It makes it easier to conclude that since more men than women smoke and vape, it is likely they get easily infected than women. Actually, until now, there is no strong evidence proving the relationship between them.

Coronavirus won't Spread in Vape Clouds unless Vapers Coughs When They Exhale

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the COVID-19 links to some symptoms, including cough, fever, breathing difficulties, headache, joint pains, and chills, etc. The symptoms can manifest within 2 to 14 days. You can catch it being exposed to the virus.

The primary method of spreading the Coronavirus includes infected individuals sharing droplets by coughing or sneezing. But let us suppose you saw someone vaping, and you walked into that cloud they exhaled. Would those clouds contain the Coronavirus droplets? And should those who enjoy their hobby stop—temporarily, anyway—to help stop the pandemic?

Not necessarily. Those who vape shouldn't have anxiety over their hobby spreading the Coronavirus. Tim McClean, a microbiologist, argues that vape clouds contain Coronavirus germs, going far enough to suggest it is comparable to "spitting in your face." But Dr. Neal Berowitz tells a different story, stating that comparing vape aerosol to coughing (or sneezing) is fallacious; the former fades quickly, but the latter remains in the air for a long duration. So, unless you cough or sneeze upon exhaling the vapour, you won't spread the Coronavirus. But anybody who knows science also knows the data is seldom absolute. Be considerate and don't vape around others.

"I would not think vapers present any risk of spreading the Coronavirus unless they are coughing when they exhale their vapour."

Coronavirus has spread to all parts of the world, and it has taken the lives of thousands of people worldwide. Currently, there is no cure for the disease, which is known to be highly infectious. They believe is that anybody vaper who is suffering from Coronavirus would be spreading to lots of people. As stated, Coronavirus is a respiratory-related disease, and that is why anything that can compromise the respiratory system can easily spread it. Those in the asthma group are considered to be highly vulnerable to that disease. Vapers and smokers already have their respiratory system compromised, and they can easily contact that virus than other categories of people.

Since the Coronavirus could easily affect the lung, this makes it easier for smokers and others that engage in behaviour that affects the lungs can easily contact that highly contagious disease. It is not surprising that it is already considered a serious threat to smokers, vapers and marijuana users. However, this isn't to say that vape clouds pose no personal health risks.

It's Time for Smokers to Quit Smoking Habits During COVID-19

It's Time for Smokers to Quit Smoking Habits During COVID-19

It’s a good time for smokers to stop smoking now. Smoking is not good because of the associated health issues, which make it risky for users. For instance, smoking is not good because it can harm some portions of the brain, especially those responsible for attention and information retention.

Moreover, it exposes the users, especially the young users to the harmful substances that are dangerous to their health such as cancer, lung diseases as well as dangerous chemicals, heavy metals, and even nicotine. All these are dangerous to the body. It can increase the chance of one suffering from heart disease and lung disease such as COPD. It can be the root cause of drug addiction and associated anti-social behaviours.

The best way out of that problem is to quit smoking. Parents should know about the dangers of smoking and bring this to the knowledge of their children. Educational information can make some of them quit that habit.

Besides, there are programs out in place to help smoker give up the habit. One of them is the Smoking Cessation Program implemented by the Cleveland Clinics. This program is meant for every smoker, and you can become part of the program by signing for it online.

Smokers could be more susceptible to respiratory infections like Coronavirus. Their habit makes it easier to catch the bacterial infection and viral. When such vapers contact such infections, they become more vulnerable. It is believed that cigarette smoking is not for the system because it can affect the immune system. Besides, the fact that it is dangerous to the airways and the lungs.

Coronavirus Guide to Vapers and Vaping Industry, Published by UKVIA

Coronavirus Guide to Vapers and Vaping Industry, Published by UKVIA

Coronavirus is creating a global problem and manufacturers will not be able to produce and deliver vaping products.

An increasing number of industry insiders are asking participants to regulate themselves more tightly before they are subjected to stricter rules. It’s necessary for all vapers to read the following Coronavirus guidelines published by the United Kingdom Vaping Industry (UKVIA):

  • Stay two metres away from everyone
  • Don't share your vape pen
  • Prefer online shopping or home delivery
  • Stop vaping if you develop Coronavirus symptoms
  • Ask for pens that reduce vapour exposure

And the guideline to vape shops:

  • Perform a thorough cleaning of the entire shop before opening, after closing, and every two hours
  • Keep windows open
  • Protect employees and customers from the Coronavirus by coughing into your sleeve, washing your hands often, and avoid close contact with ill people
  • Remind customers of the social distance policy, ideally with an outdoor sign
  • Keep e-liquids in a safe area, so Coronavirus droplets don't reach them

During this hard time, be careful and considerate, follow government policy and recent updates, and remember to wear mask and clean your hands frequently if you go outside. There is no worry about vape clouds making you susceptible to COVID-19 unless you have symptoms.

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