Keep Vape Shops Open During COVID-19, UKVIA Appeals

The United Kingdom Government is being urged to keep vape shops open during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak to prevent vapers from going back to smoking. Other countries like France and Spain have allowed the vape shops to be reopened despite their closure due to the advice provided for them by pro-vaping officers. It is believed that if the United Kingdom Government demands more closures, the vape shops will be of no exemption. The managers of vape shops are wondering whether or not to open their business. Even certain points of sale remain legally keep vape shops open, which also provoke the incomprehension of the population.

Respecting the rules of distance in interpersonal relationships is one of the most effective measures to limit the spread of the virus. It is necessary to close some public places which are not essential to the life of the nation, such as cinemas or bars. But for some places offering necessaries and essential service, like food shops, pharmacies, vape shops, banks, service stations or press distribution etc., they need to remain open.

ukiva says keep vape shops open

UKIVA Says the First Request is to Keep Vape Shops Open

The United Kingdom Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) has sent a message to the Westminster and the Scotting and Welsh parliaments claiming that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a respiratory disease. Anyone resuming the smoking habit will increase chances of contracting the virus both to themselves and others. The letter written to the United Kingdom Government is addressed to the following calling for continued support to the brick and mortar businesses:
(a) Nadhim Zahawi MP-Minister for Business and Industry
(b) Paul Scully MP-Small Businesses Minister
(c) Jo Churchill MP-Minister for Prevention, Public health, and Primary care

UKVIA believes that the vape industry is playing a very crucial role in the country and has these to say:
To begin with, their first request is to keep vape shops open during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic not only in towns but also in remote areas. The Association goes on to appreciate the government's intensified containment plan for the virus but still provides a good example of the looming scenario in Italy.

Dr.Riccardo Polosa, the world acknowledged scientist and researcher on vaping and tobacco harm reduction, argues that due to the stress caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the closure of vape shops may result in higher chances of resuming cigarette smoking to maintain their nicotine needs.
This could be a burden to an already overstretched health system.

In order to support the vaping industry and small business, the Association comes in with an assumption during these unprecedented times. Apart from the run to keep vape shops open during the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Association notes that it has a particular understanding of what types of support will be available to their members in different aspects like manufacturers, compliance specialists, and vape store owners. During this period of the crisis, the small and medium-sized vape shops should ensure that their services remain available to the three million-plus vapers in the UK, including those in self-isolation and those living in remote areas.

 keep vape shops open health expperts advise

Health Experts Hold that It's Vital to Keep Vape Shops Open

On his side, Sir Kelvin Barron of the Royal College of Physicians and previous member of the General Medical Council has these to put across:
The presence of Coronavirus (COVID-19) will have a major and negative mental health impact on their population with the added stress and anxiety rising from the quarantine and isolations by either people themselves or their families. In such situation, people may be tempted to smoke. Therefore we should make sure that vapers can continue vaping and do not return to smoking during this period.

The major concern here is that if the number of smokers increases in the UK, then a lot of pressure could be placed on an already struggling domestic health system to deal with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). One of the vape businesses that has been sorted out in vowing to keep vape shops open during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and remains working. It's said that 155 stores will remain open and functional and more enhanced security measures will be put in place for staff and customers.

Factors Should be Taken into Account by Vape Shops

Actually, the national and health fight goes far beyond this sector. Vape providers are advancing the recognition of these businesses as an essential to the life of the nation's public health. In this case, to keep vape shops open, their activity must take the following factors into considerations:

- All shop advisers and staffs must systematically carry out hydro-alcoholic rubbing and cleaning after giving change to customers and touching goods.
- It's advised to oblige the customers to carry out sanitizer from the entry, and all contact must be avoided as much as possible.
- Minimum distances must be respected between customers.

In the UK, vaping remains an effective control measure to quit smoking. The only way to prevent people from returning to smoking is to keep vape shops open during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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