FDA Flavour Ban on Vaping Products Moves Forward in 2020

The long-awaited ban on select fruity vape flavours is here, just as the Trump-led administration has so bogusly promised in the last couple of months. This was made clear in the press release published by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)a few days ago, specifically on the 2nd of January 2020. Whereas the President, while speaking to a group of reporters at his resort on the New Year eve, made it clear that the embargo will only tarry for a while, the issuance of a new policy that provides enforcement priorities for prefilled pods without PMTA, reveals a different truth.

As it appears, the new guidance provided by the FDA of the United States will inspire the removal of many vape products, except for menthol and tobacco flavours. This comes after severe respiratory diseases have been associated with the inhalation of flavoured vapour consumed through Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) or E-cigarettes. Now that the agency has received the go-ahead to take off certain fruity vape products off the market; pending the time those products will qualify for the PMTA (premarket tobacco application). Every fruity vape product circulating in the USA exists in the market because of the FDA’s benevolence.

How the Flavour Ban on Vaping Products will be Enacted?

Whereas it is almost expected that the FDA’s enforcement of priorities on e-cigarettes will shatter sales in the Hemp sub-industry, the FDA has chosen to make the enforcement easier on concerned parties. This will include vapers who rely on E-cigs to combat their smoking addictions and retailers whose bread and butter are earned from selling vapes.

As the year progresses, the FDA will be enforcing its regulation vehemently on select sorts of vaping classes. Thus, vaping categories relating to the following will be taken off the market in the US and its encompassing areas.

How the New Guidance Affects Diverse Classes of Vaping

As you already know, there are different levels of vaping. And, vaping merchants have provided diverse options to consume and possibly enjoy the product. While some of this consumption methods are targeted at the adult vape users, others are strategized to attract youngsters in society.

Since the debate on whether to ban fruity vape products began, the president has consistently made it clear that the decision to take fruity vaping flavours off the market is in line with the administration’s efforts to curb the rising epidemic amongst youths. Thus, flavours that would be taken off the market will be the most sought after by teens and high-school-goers. The new guidance will be effected in thirty days and from that time onwards, vape sellers will need PMTA to sell their products online and in brick and mortar stores. They include;

  1. All flavoured vape products except for menthol and tobacco. This implies pods and cartridges.
  2. All vape products targeting minors for which the manufacturer has refused to curb its use amongst minors.
  3. Products that may inspire minors to want to try vaping or become addicted to vaping.

Putting it like this, it seems all fruity vaping flavours are vulnerable to the FDA’s enforcement of priorities. But that is not entirely true. It turns out the new guidance will not be enforced on bottled e-fluids, tanks, mods, as well as unfilled pod-based vapes. However, if the producers of these unaffected vape mixtures promote their products with kids-alluring imagery, such products will be taken off the market as well.

How long will the Flavour Ban on Vaping Products Last?

Whereas the FDA’s new guidance was welcomed by vapers and vaping advocates as a temporary ban that will curb the use of certain fruity flavours for a while, it may last longer than we were led to believe. Keep in mind that the Trump-led administration recently passed a bill that has changed the legal age for vape and tobacco purchases from 18 to 21. As manufacturers are required to produce approved PMTA to sell their products to citizens of the United States, vape sellers may find it difficult to make it back to the general market.

While the FDA’s new guidance on fruity vape products is meant to dissuade teens from using the product, nothing seems to be stopping these youngsters from swapping their old fruity vape flavours with menthol or tobacco.

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