Juul AI-powered Vape Aims to Help Users Quit Nicotine

Vaping giant, Juul, has been engaged in the vaping illness epidemic for its advertising teens vaping. However, a new patent Juul applied for suggests that the company might be looking to make a vaping product that can help users quit nicotine.

The patent application for this Juul new product was made public by the report from The Logic. This patent which is called Devices and Methods for the Cessation of Nicotine addiction, would be Juul AI-powered and would help users quit nicotine. You might be wondering how and that is by delivering fewer nicotine amounts from the vaping device to help the user learn how to quit smoking over time.

How Does the Juul AI-powered Vape Work?

This artificial intelligence device patent by Juul would gradually wean the daily consumers of nicotine by restricting their consumption gradually and daily till they get completely weaned off the Juul AI-powered Vape. This application is said to work in communication with a vaporizer as well as alternate nicotine and citric acid (which is a non-nicotine product). All these would be done to gradually draw-down the nicotine intake by the user.

According to the application, it is said that an application and/or a controller may apply machine learning to adjust delivery of nicotine and/or non-nicotine vaporizable material to the user based on received inputs from the user. The inputs may be received directly from the user or they may be learned through monitoring the vaporizer use and behaviour of the user.

This Juul AI-powered Vape would be able to connect to a smartphone app that would let users keep accurate track of the settings on their Juul vaping device. This app would include how much nicotine they would be getting daily as well as their limits. You can also adjust the amount of nicotine being delivered through the Juul vape and even more, play games and undergo social interactions. All this was designed to reduce the stress of quitting nicotine and more.

As consumers smoke the Juul AI-powered Vape frequently, the nicotine gets replaced with a similar product such as citric acid and with a gradual but steady pace, users would learn how to reduce their intake of nicotine little by little till they can get off it eventually.

Making use of an app you can twitch anytime doesn't seem so impressive, does it? But this app comes with extra features such as sharing data from your Juul AI-powered Vape with friends and family. It can also share this data with your doctor to keep you more accountable and on the right track to quitting nicotine.


The Effect of Juul AI-powered Vape Remains Unknown

Quite a lot of sources wonder if this can indeed stop people from smoking and more people wonder what other campaigns against smoking thought of this Juul AI-powered Vape, but we all just have to wait and see.

It's been a while since Juul began advertising its vaping products to being the healthier and safer options in the world of traditional cigarette smoking, and now they find a way to help quit smoking altogether. Although studies have shown that smokers of e-cigs may find it a lot harder to quit than regular smokers, this device is one that hasn't been used, and it might just well dispute that theory.

The Current Situation of Vaping Industry

Over the years, vaping has come to be a lot more dangerous than initially thought and can be tied down to severe lung-related illnesses. In some cases, it could even lead to death.

Earlier this year, the FDA announced that it would be pulling flavoured e-cig cartridges to reduce the intake of these substances by teenagers and children.

The company was sued by New York in January for false advertising and Juul has been under a lot of scrutinies for increasing the rise of vaping in youths and a lot of people find it ironic how they can want to stop the use of nicotine. This has made them a target of numerous legal actions and investigation, but the company still claims that it's intent is to help people quit their smoking habits. So they spared no effort to prove that their product is good for health. Juul AI-powered Vape is the significant step they took.

Vaping has now been proven not to be as safe as we once thought. Some vaping products have caused rapid and severe lung-related illnesses that have sometimes even lead to deaths.

As of February 18, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 68 people have died and that there have been 2,807 cases of lung injuries caused by vaping in the U.S.

Obviously, the development of the vaping industry still faced an uncertain future.

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